Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

prairie sunset silhouette

Prairie Sunset Silhouette

woman reads through meeting info

Woman Reads Through Meeting Info

runner wearing fitness tracker watch

Runner Wearing Fitness Tracker Watch

yellow tv set on monochromatic seamless backdrop

Yellow TV Set On Monochromatic Seamless Backdrop

a brussels griffon protects laundry

A Brussels Griffon Protects Laundry

hand putting money in bank

Hand Putting Money In Bank

virtual reality headset

Virtual Reality Headset

mini kitchen speaker

Mini Kitchen Speaker

happy little boy holding blank chalkboard

Happy Little Boy Holding Blank Chalkboard

t shirts hanging on rack

T Shirts Hanging On Rack

looking up at winter sky

Looking Up At Winter Sky

happy little boy sitting on bed

Happy Little Boy Sitting On Bed

pink pill pattern on a baby blue surface

Pink Pill Pattern On A Baby Blue Surface

workspace flatlay with leather bag and notebook

Workspace Flatlay With Leather Bag And Notebook

creative brain storm

Creative Brain Storm

under the bridge

Under The Bridge

a woman points her toes while stretching her legs in pool

A Woman Points Her Toes While Stretching Her Legs In Pool

upward dog yoga pose

Upward Dog Yoga Pose

vertical cirtus slices

Vertical Cirtus Slices

spider web

Spider Web

close up holding soccer ball

Close Up Holding Soccer Ball

woman in office

Woman In Office

top-down view of pool

Top-Down View Of Pool

money rolled

Money Rolled

shoveling winter snow

Shoveling Winter Snow

fruit and veggie flatlay

Fruit And Veggie Flatlay

polar bear underwater

Polar Bear Underwater

portuguese for mothers day breakfast

Portuguese For Mothers Day Breakfast

iphone 6 7 phone cases

iPhone 6 7 Phone Cases

woman sipping coffee

Woman Sipping Coffee

flatlay with knife and vegetables

Flatlay With Knife And Vegetables

yoga meditation rooftop

Yoga Meditation Rooftop

bath bomb near tub

Bath Bomb Near Tub

sewing threads on wall

Sewing Threads On Wall

wide shot of compass and waterfalls

Wide Shot Of Compass And Waterfalls

cat lying sideways on bed

Cat Lying Sideways On Bed

breakfast in bed for mamae

Breakfast In Bed For Mamae

daughter suprises mom with flowers

Daughter Suprises Mom With Flowers

red orange yellow green vegetables

Red Orange Yellow Green Vegetables

mother and son check out the christmas tree

Mother And Son Check Out The Christmas Tree

man presentation whiteboard

Man Presentation Whiteboard

flatlay on world map

Flatlay On World Map

teal ink with red drops

Teal Ink With Red Drops

woman doctor with gloves

Woman Doctor With Gloves

thoughtful students talk

Thoughtful Students Talk

hair scissors and razor

Hair Scissors And Razor

wireless speaker

Wireless Speaker

iris flower in sun

Iris Flower In Sun

women drinking tea

Women Drinking Tea

orange ink galaxy

Orange Ink Galaxy