Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

lip balm addict

Lip Balm Addict

flatlay on world map

Flatlay On World Map

hand putting money in bank

Hand Putting Money In Bank

chubby baby hand holding gift bag

Chubby Baby Hand Holding Gift Bag

white crane reflection in dark water

White Crane Reflection In Dark Water

abandoned plane in sunflower field

Abandoned Plane In Sunflower Field

sewing threads on wall

Sewing Threads On Wall

runner wearing fitness tracker watch

Runner Wearing Fitness Tracker Watch

woman working on office sofa

Woman Working On Office Sofa

father & daughter feet

Father & Daughter Feet

woman wearing athletic leggings

Woman Wearing Athletic Leggings

a red-orange column of smoke in darkness

A Red-Orange Column Of Smoke In Darkness

a woman points her toes while stretching her legs in pool

A Woman Points Her Toes While Stretching Her Legs In Pool

photographer in pink art

Photographer In Pink Art

flat lay of autumn leaves changing color

Flat Lay Of Autumn Leaves Changing Color

upward dog yoga pose

Upward Dog Yoga Pose

a brussels griffon protects laundry

A Brussels Griffon Protects Laundry

iris flower in sun

Iris Flower In Sun

hair scissors and razor

Hair Scissors And Razor

crescent moon pose side stretch

Crescent Moon Pose Side Stretch

businesswoman smiling in office

Businesswoman Smiling In Office

high plank core pose

High Plank Core Pose

soccer player ready to take corner kick

Soccer Player Ready To Take Corner Kick

laptop from side

Laptop From Side

striker about to kick a corner

Striker About To Kick A Corner

wine and cheese

Wine And Cheese

puppy sits on her bed

Puppy Sits On Her Bed

girl swinging on bars with backpack

Girl Swinging On Bars With Backpack

easter egg border

Easter Egg Border

mother and son check out the christmas tree

Mother And Son Check Out The Christmas Tree

rack of tshirts

Rack Of Tshirts

bedroom & side table light

Bedroom & Side Table Light

t shirts hanging on rack

T Shirts Hanging On Rack

fashion model stares

Fashion Model Stares

mom gives kiss to her child

Mom Gives Kiss To Her Child

male doctor arms crossed

Male Doctor Arms Crossed

busy world trade centre station

Busy World Trade Centre Station

bath bomb near tub

Bath Bomb Near Tub

woman doctor with gloves

Woman Doctor With Gloves

epic player holding soccer ball

Epic Player Holding Soccer Ball

woman reads through meeting info

Woman Reads Through Meeting Info

man kneels by christmas tree with present

Man Kneels By Christmas Tree With Present

green eyed cat licks lips

Green Eyed Cat Licks Lips

working overtime

Working Overtime

shoveling winter snow

Shoveling Winter Snow

father helps toddler open christmas gifts

Father Helps Toddler Open Christmas Gifts

lush and misty forest

Lush And Misty Forest

virtual reality headset

Virtual Reality Headset

pink wall with grey door

Pink Wall With Grey Door

retro tv with static on-screen

Retro TV With Static On-Screen