Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4435 photos since February 2017

hanging out with friends on the beach

Hanging Out With Friends On The Beach

coloring pencils point to shavings

Coloring Pencils Point To Shavings

sunbathing with friends

Sunbathing With Friends

tightly lined pencils and shavings

Tightly Lined Pencils And Shavings

colored pencil shavings

Colored Pencil Shavings

balcony fun at sunset

Balcony Fun At Sunset

pencils, parings, space

Pencils, Parings, Space

repeating pencils

Repeating Pencils

close up of pencil tips

Close Up Of Pencil Tips

smiling beach photographer

Smiling Beach Photographer

green pencil shavings

Green Pencil Shavings

close up of pencil shavings

Close Up Of Pencil Shavings

pencil shavings on white

Pencil Shavings On White

freshly pared coloring pencils

Freshly Pared Coloring Pencils

coloring pencils and shavings

Coloring Pencils And Shavings

staring at the summer sun

Staring At The Summer Sun

yellow writing pencils arranged in lines

Yellow Writing Pencils Arranged In Lines

line of pencils and shavings

Line Of Pencils And Shavings

smile for the camera!

Smile For The Camera!

pencil shavings on pink

Pencil Shavings On Pink

hanging with friends on the beach

Hanging With Friends On The Beach

sunbathers enjoy the beach

Sunbathers Enjoy The Beach

multi-colored wooden pencil shavings

Multi-colored Wooden Pencil Shavings

taking pictures at the beach

Taking Pictures At The Beach

pencils point to parings

Pencils Point To Parings

tram crosses intersection

Tram Crosses Intersection

shipping containers in yard

Shipping Containers In Yard

tram intersects traffic

Tram Intersects Traffic

looking down on soccer

Looking Down On Soccer

city street as viewed from above

City Street As Viewed From Above

large traffic intersection from above

Large Traffic Intersection From Above

swimming pool from above

Swimming Pool From Above

playing soccer at night

Playing Soccer At Night

yellow pencils laid out in zig zag pattern

Yellow Pencils Laid Out In Zig Zag Pattern

young woman takes selfie while sitting on sunny beach

Young Woman Takes Selfie While Sitting On Sunny Beach

young woman in sunglasses taking photograph on beach

Young Woman In Sunglasses Taking Photograph On Beach

young woman in sunglasses holding camera facing beach

Young Woman In Sunglasses Holding Camera Facing Beach

aerial view of swimming pool and waterslides from drone

Aerial View Of Swimming Pool And Waterslides From Drone

aerial view of metal recycling facility with backhoe

Aerial View Of Metal Recycling Facility With Backhoe

aerial view of metal recycling facility

Aerial View Of Metal Recycling Facility

aerial view of mountains of crushed metal cubes

Aerial View Of Mountains Of Crushed Metal Cubes

aerial view of blank section of corn field from drone

Aerial View Of Blank Section Of Corn Field From Drone

aerial view of lane swimming pool from drone

Aerial View Of Lane Swimming Pool From Drone

sparkling city lights

Sparkling City Lights

orange urban sunset

Orange Urban Sunset

cross lit up with electric lights

Cross Lit up With Electric Lights

security camera on patterned building

Security Camera On Patterned Building

aerial view of water treatment plant

Aerial View Of Water Treatment Plant

red and purple sunset over hazy city

Red And Purple Sunset Over Hazy City

water treatment plant from above

Water Treatment Plant From Above