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location Florence, Italy

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Traditional Roofs And Modern Bridge | View photo

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a long and tiled hallway

A Long And Tiled Hallway

the town and its cathedral

The Town And Its Cathedral

a strong and vivid meeting place

A Strong and Vivid Meeting Place

a city perched on a cliff

A City Perched On A Cliff

silver staircase at the museum

Silver Staircase At The Museum

a church amongst the town

A Church Amongst The Town

florence cathedral an unfamiliar view

Florence Cathedral An Unfamiliar View

a tall cathedral in the snowy town

A Tall Cathedral In The Snowy Town

striped archway double door

Striped Archway Double Door

red chairs stacked outside a white regal building

Red Chairs Stacked Outside A White Regal Building

modern italian building

Modern Italian Building

italian cathedral under deep blue sky

Italian Cathedral Under Deep Blue Sky

mountains surrounding a ski lift

Mountains Surrounding A Ski Lift

broken chair before locked doors

Broken Chair Before Locked Doors

cathedral of santa maria del fiore

Cathedral Of Santa Maria Del Fiore

deserted farm housing in baren lands

Deserted Farm Housing In Baren Lands

a waterfront city at sunset

A Waterfront City At Sunset

large church at cities center

Large Church At Cities Center

elaborate interior design in all colors

Elaborate Interior Design In All Colors

beautifully designed colorful arch

Beautifully Designed Colorful Arch

close up of church dome

Close Up Of Church Dome

basilica di san lorenzo from above

Basilica di San Lorenzo From Above

upon the red brick roofs

Upon the Red Brick Roofs

city views after dark

City Views After Dark

evening sunset in the city

Evening Sunset In The City

aerial shot of church in italian village

Aerial Shot Of Church In Italian Village

crowded village with basilica

Crowded Village With Basilica

beautiful stone cathedral and church

Beautiful Stone Cathedral And Church

old red bricks and a old bell tower

Old Red Bricks And A Old Bell Tower

a worn brick bell tower

A Worn Brick Bell Tower

interior view of crystal palace at giardino dell orticultura

Interior View Of Crystal Palace At Giardino Dell Orticultura

perched on the cliffs edge

Perched On The Cliffs Edge

sailing through the city

Sailing Through The City

sun rays through a spiraled stair case

Sun Rays Through A Spiraled Stair Case

crystal palace at giardino dell orticultura

Crystal Palace At Giardino Dell Orticultura