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location Florence, Italy

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Traditional Roofs And Modern Bridge | View photo

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sun shines on church dome rising from dark streets

Sun Shines On Church Dome Rising From Dark Streets

boats dock in the harbor at vernazza italy

Boats Dock In The Harbor At Vernazza Italy

church building looks over vernazza italy

Church Building Looks Over Vernazza Italy

misty mountain road

Misty Mountain Road

colorful apartments with balconies

Colorful Apartments With Balconies

a mountain road through green fields

A Mountain Road Through Green Fields

purple flowers by door

Purple Flowers By Door

two roads diverge on a green hill

Two Roads Diverge On A Green Hill

metal canopy on building

Metal Canopy On Building

moped in vineyard

Moped In Vineyard

external spiral staircase

External Spiral Staircase

ivy lines on building

Ivy Lines On Building

large curved walkway over vineyard

Large Curved Walkway Over Vineyard

man walks through narrow courtyard

Man Walks Through Narrow Courtyard

florence in the sunlight

Florence In The Sunlight

green building in sun

Green Building In Sun

metal lamp over wooden door

Metal Lamp Over Wooden Door

narrow view of the duomo cathedral

Narrow View Of The Duomo Cathedral

the bardini gardens

The Bardini Gardens

small arched mountain bridge

Small Arched Mountain Bridge

metal awning on italian building

Metal Awning On Italian Building

wild horses

Wild Horses

sunny florance

Sunny Florance

the ponte vecchio in florence

The Ponte Vecchio In Florence

golden sunset over rolling hills

Golden Sunset Over Rolling Hills

eiffel tower on cloudy day

Eiffel Tower On Cloudy Day

seashells down by the seashore

Seashells Down By The Seashore

symmetrical red brick building

Symmetrical Red Brick Building

santa maria della scala square

Santa Maria Della Scala Square

outdoor basketball court

Outdoor Basketball Court

old buildings on the street

Old Buildings On The Street

santa maria della scala from afar

Santa Maria Della Scala From Afar

santa maria della scala

Santa Maria Della Scala

synagogue and museum of hebraic art and culture

Synagogue And Museum Of Hebraic Art And Culture

chez marie restaurant

Chez Marie Restaurant

straw parasols on a beach in greece

Straw Parasols On A Beach In Greece

french doors to a courtyard

French Doors To A Courtyard

straw parasols on a sandy beach

Straw Parasols On A Sandy Beach

mountain goat skull

Mountain Goat Skull

church ceiling art

Church Ceiling Art

Aerial photography: umbrella shadows on the sand

Straw Parasols On A Beach

portrait of a woman painted on wall

Portrait Of A Woman Painted On Wall

curvy road surrounded by trees

Curvy Road Surrounded By Trees

statue of liberty lit by sunset

Statue Of Liberty Lit By Sunset

stone home surrounded by trees

Stone Home Surrounded By Trees

young tree in forrest

Young Tree In Forrest

waterfront homes

Waterfront Homes

cabin in the woods surrounded by trees

Cabin In The Woods Surrounded By Trees

sailing through the city

Sailing Through The City

city sunset by the water

City Sunset By The Water