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location Florence, Italy

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Traditional Roofs And Modern Bridge | View photo

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church spire over terracotta rooftops

Church Spire Over Terracotta Rooftops

florence city and guarden

Florence City And Guarden

an overcast day across a mountain range

An Overcast Day Across A Mountain Range

thermal pools cascade below eager tourists

Thermal Pools Cascade Below Eager Tourists

white van travels the hills

White Van Travels The Hills

table set by weathered building

Table Set By Weathered Building

green hills lead to the sky

Green Hills Lead To The Sky

melting snow on mountain peak

Melting Snow On Mountain Peak

mist rolls through foreground of landscape

Mist Rolls Through Foreground Of Landscape

ski hotel under rocky mountain range

Ski Hotel Under Rocky Mountain Range

hikers on a snow trail

Hikers On A Snow Trail

florence in the sunlight

Florence In The Sunlight

sunlight droped below horizon behind mountains

Sunlight Droped Below Horizon Behind Mountains

stacked buildings on hillside

Stacked Buildings On Hillside

stonework surrounds the market

Stonework Surrounds The Market

green landscape with low clouds

Green Landscape With Low Clouds

rocky ridge reaching out to sea

Rocky Ridge Reaching Out To Sea

external spiral staircase

External Spiral Staircase

tall trees lead to a house in the distance

Tall Trees Lead To A House In The Distance

the interior of a white church

The Interior Of A White Church

sunlight illuminates the rich mountenous landscape

Sunlight Illuminates The Rich Mountenous Landscape

tourists head back to snowy log cabins

Tourists Head Back To Snowy Log Cabins

winter cabin surrounded by mountains

Winter Cabin Surrounded By Mountains

valley view from a roof top

Valley View From A Roof Top

rural windmill and out house

Rural Windmill And Out House

stone courtyard sorrounded by buildings

Stone Courtyard Sorrounded By Buildings

sailboats glide past white houses

Sailboats Glide Past White Houses

black and white building in snow

Black And White Building In Snow

river runs through the city

River Runs Through The City

castle on the hill of green

Castle On The Hill Of Green

scattered houses on hillside

Scattered Houses On Hillside

small log cabin surrounded by mountains

Small Log Cabin Surrounded By Mountains

house at the foot of snowy mountain

House At The Foot Of Snowy Mountain

the old stone market

The Old Stone Market

large church at cities center

Large Church At Cities Center

a view looking down from a rooftop

A View Looking Down From A Rooftop

shore meets the sea

Shore Meets The Sea

sun rays through a spiraled stair case

Sun Rays Through A Spiraled Stair Case

angled view of italian cathedral under blue sky

Angled View Of Italian Cathedral Under Blue Sky

cliffs and towns along the seaside

Cliffs And Towns Along The Seaside

an abandoned crypt

An Abandoned Crypt

trees and stone buildings on hillside

Trees And Stone Buildings On Hillside

rocky mountain range on a sunny day

Rocky Mountain Range On A Sunny Day

wooden cabin below snowcapped mountains

Wooden Cabin Below Snowcapped Mountains

snow cascading down mountain range

Snow Cascading Down Mountain Range

vaulting of ornately decorated chapel

Vaulting Of Ornately Decorated Chapel

metal awning on italian building

Metal Awning On Italian Building

several plants in a greenhouse

Several Plants In A Greenhouse

italian cathedral under deep blue sky

Italian Cathedral Under Deep Blue Sky

woman stands at the steps of her house

Woman Stands At The Steps Of Her House