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location Florence, Italy

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Traditional Roofs And Modern Bridge | View photo

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roofs tops overlooking a packed city

Roofs Tops Overlooking A Packed City

pond in the middle of farmland

Pond In The Middle Of Farmland

an aerial view of construction in a mountain range

An Aerial View Of Construction In A Mountain Range

river runs through the city

River Runs Through The City

ancient city landscape

Ancient City Landscape

rock formations against ocean views

Rock Formations Against Ocean Views

shore meets the sea

Shore Meets The Sea

rich blue sky over mountains

Rich Blue Sky Over Mountains

blue thermal pools contrasting countryside

Blue Thermal Pools Contrasting Countryside

dolmabahce palace in turkey

Dolmabahce Palace In Turkey

ski hotel under rocky mountain range

Ski Hotel Under Rocky Mountain Range

wooden cabin below snowcapped mountains

Wooden Cabin Below Snowcapped Mountains

person pushes water around

Person Pushes Water Around

snow covered desert sands

Snow Covered Desert Sands

white van travels the hills

White Van Travels The Hills

italian landscape in all shades of green

Italian Landscape In All Shades Of Green

sella pass refuge caflo valentini

Sella Pass Refuge Caflo Valentini

to the terrace

To The Terrace

rural windmill and out house

Rural Windmill And Out House

a long and tiled hallway

A Long And Tiled Hallway

table set by weathered building

Table Set By Weathered Building

the ponte vecchio in florence

The Ponte Vecchio In Florence

rolling hills lead to a road lined with trees

Rolling Hills Lead To A Road Lined With Trees

church spire over terracotta rooftops

Church Spire Over Terracotta Rooftops

winding roads through the mountains

Winding Roads Through The Mountains

a lonely quarry bridge

A Lonely Quarry Bridge

rocky shores with birds flying by

Rocky Shores With Birds Flying By

buildings crowd the river

Buildings Crowd The River

broken chair before locked doors

Broken Chair Before Locked Doors

brutalist italian building

Brutalist Italian Building

visitors explore thermal pools

Visitors Explore Thermal Pools

aerial shot of crowded italian town

Aerial Shot Of Crowded Italian Town

a strong and vivid meeting place

A Strong and Vivid Meeting Place

a view looking down from a rooftop

A View Looking Down From A Rooftop

yellow house in the blank sands

Yellow House In The Blank Sands

house at the foot of snowy mountain

House At The Foot Of Snowy Mountain

blue windows on multi storey building

Blue Windows On Multi Storey Building

porto from the water

Porto From The Water

clouds drift over mountains above a valley town

Clouds Drift Over Mountains Above A Valley Town

vast rock quarries

Vast Rock Quarries

orange and blue windows in white building

Orange And Blue Windows In White Building

sunkissed european alleyway

Sunkissed European Alleyway

brown hill topped with green trees

Brown Hill Topped With Green Trees

clouds drift over mountain peaks

Clouds Drift Over Mountain Peaks

misty crowded italian city

Misty Crowded Italian City

city views after dark

City Views After Dark

tour boat ride under bridge

Tour Boat Ride Under Bridge

basilica of santa croce event

Basilica Of Santa Croce Event

fresh powered snow cascading down hills

Fresh Powered Snow Cascading Down Hills

trees on the top of a hill in the distance

Trees On The Top Of A Hill In The Distance