Marvin Laput Tenepre

location Tokyo, Japan

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Marvin Laput Tenepre has contributed 19 photos since January 2019

paved bridge over fountain and pond

Paved Bridge over Fountain And Pond

hillside park path in fall

Hillside Park Path In Fall

zen garden with autumn colors

Zen Garden With Autumn Colors

yellow fall leaves and trees

Yellow Fall Leaves And Trees

clear freshwater through rocks

Clear Freshwater Through Rocks

suspended walking bridge over river rapids

Suspended Walking Bridge Over River Rapids

a line of hikers travel across the snow capped mountains

A Line Of Hikers Travel Across The Snow Capped Mountains

skiers making their way across a slope

Skiers Making Their Way Across A Slope

yellow fall leaves in city park

Yellow Fall Leaves In City Park

desolate alpine summit and blue sky

Desolate Alpine Summit And Blue Sky

white and red-accented bird nesting in evergreen boughs

White And Red-Accented Bird Nesting In Evergreen Boughs

urban square at night

Urban Square At Night

snow grouse exploring alpine plant life

Snow Grouse Exploring Alpine Plant Life

alpine hotel on snowy mountainside

Alpine Hotel On Snowy Mountainside

rural farming village in foothills

Rural Farming Village In Foothills

snow grouse scavenging for food

Snow Grouse Scavenging For Food

remote building between mountain ridges

Remote Building Between Mountain Ridges

hikers traversing snowy mountain trail

Hikers Traversing Snowy Mountain Trail

small farming village seen through branches

Small Farming Village Seen Through Branches