Michele Krozser

Photographer/Owner of Lunch Money Studios

location Toronto, Canada

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Gourmet Pizza On Pan | View photo

Michele Krozser has contributed 50 photos since October 2018

indian food on restaurant table

Indian Food On Restaurant Table

free images of food

Thai Food Takeout

fresh poke bowl healthy eating

Fresh Poke Bowl Healthy Eating

Lunch, brunch, dinner and supper mixed grill recipes fried chicken, side dish and salad

Fried Comfort Food Chicken

fried chicken wings pub food

Fried Chicken Wings Pub Food

assorted korean foods in restaurant

Assorted Korean Foods In Restaurant

healthy dining salads wraps and bowls

Healthy Dining Salads Wraps And Bowls

bbq fried chicken and fish

Bbq Fried Chicken And Fish

moroccan meal in tagine

Moroccan Meal In Tagine

shellfish pasta pizza and italian food

Shellfish Pasta Pizza And Italian Food

butter chicken indian dining

Butter Chicken Indian Dining

pepperoni pizza in box

Pepperoni Pizza In Box

pub food spread

Pub Food Spread

japanese dining in restaurant

Japanese Dining In Restaurant

classic pizza with peppers and parmesian

Classic Pizza With Peppers And Parmesian

vietnamese food and pho

Vietnamese Food And Pho

greek dinner in restaurant

Greek Dinner In Restaurant

saucy honey garlic wings

Saucy Honey Garlic Wings

gourmet pizza on pan

Gourmet Pizza On Pan

seafood feast at restaurant

Seafood Feast At Restaurant

healthy salad roll

Healthy Salad Roll

japanese food in restaurant

Japanese Food In Restaurant

tex mex pizza on cutting board

Tex Mex Pizza On Cutting Board

asian cuisine rice shrimp seafood beef

Asian Cuisine Rice Shrimp Seafood Beef

ramen bowl with sides

Ramen Bowl With Sides

grilled japanese food

Grilled Japanese Food

delux pizza slices being served

Delux Pizza Slices Being Served

classic bbq dining

Classic Bbq Dining

breakfast sandwich in hand

Breakfast Sandwich In Hand

pakora sandwich indian food

Pakora Sandwich Indian Food

savory crepe with salad

Savory Crepe With Salad

crepes filled with fresh fruit

Crepes Filled With Fresh Fruit

fry basket with frites and chicken

Fry Basket With Frites And Chicken

grilled seafood platter

Grilled Seafood Platter

korean bbq and restaurant dining

Korean Bbq And Restaurant Dining

fresh plated sushi roll

Fresh Plated Sushi Roll

fried comfort food fish and chips

Fried Comfort Food Fish And Chips

family restaurant meals on table

Family Restaurant Meals On Table

classic german foods in restaurant

Classic German Foods In Restaurant

moroccan dining tagine and flatbreads

Moroccan Dining Tagine And Flatbreads

assorted pastries

Assorted Pastries

oysters on the half shell

Oysters On The Half Shell

italian meatballs with toast

Italian Meatballs With Toast

bbq chicken wrap

Bbq Chicken Wrap

fresh sushi rolls on white plate

Fresh Sushi Rolls On White Plate

baked clams fine dining

Baked Clams Fine Dining

fried chicken and waffles

Fried Chicken And Waffles

poutine fries gravy cheese

Poutine Fries Gravy Cheese

spicy sushi rolls

Spicy Sushi Rolls

appetizer rib bites

Appetizer Rib Bites