Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 1624 photos since September 2017

social distancing in scrabble letters

Social Distancing In Scrabble Letters

scrabble letters spell distancing

Scrabble Letters Spell Distancing

close up of a tape measure

Close Up Of A Tape Measure

portrait of a person holding a tape measure

Portrait Of A Person Holding A Tape Measure

close up showing six feet on tape measure

Close Up Showing Six Feet On Tape Measure

a yellow tape measure showing six feet

A Yellow Tape Measure Showing Six Feet

close up of a mug and a book in light

Close Up Of A Mug And A Book In Light

comb and scissors with a drink

Comb And Scissors With A Drink

portrait of a woman alone in a field

Portrait Of A Woman Alone In A Field

cup and book on a shelf in shadow

Cup And Book On A Shelf In Shadow

a woman walks alone in a barren field

A Woman Walks Alone In A Barren Field

tan teddy bear with face mask

Tan Teddy Bear With Face Mask

social distancing on a white background

Social Distancing On A White Background

distancing in wooden letter tiles

Distancing In Wooden Letter Tiles

social distancing in wooden letter tiles

Social Distancing In Wooden Letter Tiles

single pink tulip in a clear vase

Single Pink Tulip In a Clear Vase

two people walking on empty road

Two People Walking On Empty Road

social distance on brown background

Social Distance On Brown Background

measuring tape on the ground

Measuring Tape On The Ground

social distance in letter tiles

Social Distance In Letter Tiles

social distancing on a board game

Social Distancing On A Board Game

wfh acronym in letter tiles

WFH Acronym In Letter Tiles

threaded needle ready to sew

Threaded Needle Ready To Sew

tray of colorful thread bobbins

Tray Of Colorful Thread Bobbins

hand uses sewing machine on denim

Hand Uses Sewing Machine On Denim

denim runs through sewing machine

Denim Runs Through Sewing Machine

threaded needle on sewing machine

Threaded Needle On Sewing Machine

hand runs denim through sewing machine

Hand Runs Denim Through Sewing Machine

bobbins of colorful threads

Bobbins Of Colorful Threads

hands guiding demin on sewing machine

Hands Guiding Demin On Sewing Machine

hands working with denim material

Hands Working With Denim Material

woman poses on blue patterned rug

Woman Poses On Blue Patterned Rug

woman poses with her hands on patterned rug

Woman Poses With Her Hands On Patterned Rug

woman poses by large window

Woman Poses By Large Window

woman lies on patterned blue rug

Woman Lies On Patterned Blue Rug

colorful thread in box

Colorful Thread In Box

sewing thread and pattern

Sewing Thread And Pattern

variety of colored thread

Variety Of Colored Thread

box of colorful thread

Box Of Colorful Thread

scattered pins

Scattered Pins

thread spools stored

Thread Spools Stored

sewing materials flatlay

Sewing Materials Flatlay

scattered tacking pins

Scattered Tacking Pins

pins and scissors

Pins And Scissors

metal tacking pins

Metal Tacking Pins

spilled pins

Spilled Pins

sewing supplies flatlay

Sewing Supplies Flatlay

blue pin box

Blue Pin Box

stored thread spools

Stored Thread Spools

it's crunch time

It's Crunch Time