Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 1800 photos since September 2017

hands holding up fresh rhubarb

Hands Holding Up Fresh Rhubarb

close up cupped hands

Close Up Cupped Hands

wig and makeup perfection on drag performer

Wig And Makeup Perfection On Drag Performer

bunches of japanese maple leaves layered over sky in soft focus

Bunches Of Japanese Maple Leaves Layered Over Sky In Soft Focus

red mesh texture close up

Red Mesh Texture Close Up

urban fashion on model

Urban Fashion On Model

private jet on runway

Private Jet On Runway

mothers day gifts

Mothers Day Gifts

woman stands with her hand in her hair

Woman Stands With Her Hand In Her Hair

woman laughs at mobile phone

Woman Laughs At Mobile Phone

a salt and pepper terrier adorned with flowers

A Salt And Pepper Terrier Adorned With Flowers

long dark hair and green dress fashion

Long Dark Hair And Green Dress Fashion

mothers day breakfast in bed

Mothers Day Breakfast In Bed

light men's dress shirt

Light Men's Dress Shirt

single breasted mens suit on model

Single Breasted Mens Suit On Model

cherry blossoms in bloom

Cherry Blossoms In Bloom

dancing friends with champagne

Dancing Friends With Champagne

glasses and light pink lips summer fashion

Glasses And Light Pink Lips Summer Fashion

woman sifts through record sale

Woman Sifts Through Record Sale

kids push mom on swing

Kids Push Mom On Swing

woman holding a scalpel carves a pumpkin

Woman Holding A Scalpel Carves A Pumpkin

fashion model stares down the camera

Fashion Model Stares Down The Camera

bernese mountain dog wears glasses

Bernese Mountain Dog Wears Glasses

woman in summer fashion leans on wall

Woman In Summer Fashion Leans On Wall

female model poses on floor in front of giant cookie

Female Model Poses On Floor In Front Of Giant Cookie

violin and bow on books

Violin And Bow On Books

close up of female yoga outfit

Close Up Of Female Yoga Outfit

man adjusts his shirt cuffs below watch

Man Adjusts His Shirt Cuffs Below Watch

fresh water on restaurant table

Fresh Water On Restaurant Table

boxes in the process of being packed

Boxes In The Process Of Being Packed

friends dance at formal party

Friends Dance at Formal Party

casual and creative at home

Casual And Creative At Home

waving pride flag

Waving Pride Flag

champagne glasses raised

Champagne Glasses Raised

beer can and glass with spill reflection

Beer Can And Glass With Spill Reflection

green summer fashion in park

Green Summer Fashion In Park

baguette and flowers in picnic basket

Baguette And Flowers In Picnic Basket

woman in heels and summer fashion walking

Woman In Heels And Summer Fashion Walking

colored lit smoke

Colored Lit Smoke

fishnet tights on figure skating costume

Fishnet Tights On Figure Skating Costume

hands rubbing together

Hands Rubbing Together

raindrops on pink blossoms

Raindrops On Pink Blossoms

dj in action making music

DJ In Action Making Music

smiling baby on lap

Smiling Baby On Lap

geraniums in bloom with frame

Geraniums In Bloom With Frame

woman on picnic blanket with ukulele

Woman On Picnic Blanket With Ukulele

musical instruments for folk music

Musical Instruments For Folk Music

summer fashion in the city

Summer Fashion In The City

older and younger woman pose before streamer wall

Older And Younger Woman Pose Before Streamer Wall

hands creating with string and box

Hands Creating With String And Box