Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

woman standing with hand on her hip

Woman Standing With Hand On Her Hip

wfh acronym in letter tiles

WFH Acronym In Letter Tiles

a historical building in the shadows of neighboring trees

A Historical Building In The Shadows Of Neighboring Trees

cloth parasol lays on the grass next to a picnic basket

Cloth Parasol Lays On The Grass Next To A Picnic Basket

crystal and roses

Crystal And Roses

person holds up trans pride flag

Person Holds Up Trans Pride Flag

row of hot peppers

Row Of Hot Peppers

white feather quill laid next to an ink bottle

White Feather Quill Laid Next To An Ink Bottle

ready to serve romance

Ready To Serve Romance

side profile of young dog looking forward

Side Profile Of Young Dog Looking Forward

colorful tiles meet intricate stonework

Colorful Tiles Meet Intricate Stonework

white bowl filled with red figs against black

White Bowl Filled With Red Figs Against Black

soft gaze

Soft Gaze

evening sun hits eiffel tower

Evening Sun Hits Eiffel Tower

"i'm ready for my close up"

"I'm Ready For My Close Up"

packing peanuts on white table

Packing Peanuts On White Table

full side view of person holding trans pride flag

Full Side View Of Person Holding Trans Pride Flag

spanish water dog

Spanish Water Dog

flower circles

Flower Circles

looking into the distance while writing

Looking Into The Distance While Writing

purple haired drag queen looks over shoulder

Purple Haired Drag Queen Looks Over Shoulder

metal tacking pins

Metal Tacking Pins

woman in darkness holds a yellow flower in her mouth

Woman In Darkness Holds A Yellow Flower In Her Mouth

close up of hot noodle soup

Close Up Of Hot Noodle Soup

drag queen getting ready

Drag Queen Getting Ready

smiling trans man seated above draped rainbow flag

Smiling Trans Man Seated Above Draped Rainbow Flag

a beautifully crafted antique archway

A Beautifully Crafted Antique Archway

classy canine adorned in nautical scarf and pearl necklace

Classy Canine Adorned In Nautical Scarf And Pearl Necklace

french flag on top of building

French Flag On Top Of Building

half of vintage camera viewed from overhead on wooden table

Half Of Vintage Camera Viewed From Overhead On Wooden Table

close up eiffel tower

Close Up Eiffel Tower

a black and tan dog with a flower necklace

A Black And Tan Dog With A Flower Necklace

close up of a single pink tulip

Close Up Of A Single Pink Tulip

gray arches in sunlight

Gray Arches In Sunlight

domed building at the end of a street

Domed Building At The End Of A Street

potted plants and shells on black

Potted Plants And Shells On Black

the top of a glass jar filled with dried lemon slices

The Top Of A Glass Jar Filled With Dried Lemon Slices

a cottage home with picket fence

A Cottage Home With Picket Fence

flower blanket

Flower Blanket

turtle taking steps toward sunlight

Turtle Taking Steps Toward Sunlight

a woman walks alone in a barren field

A Woman Walks Alone In A Barren Field

wall of ivy texture

Wall Of Ivy Texture

pansexual pride flag painted on hand

Pansexual Pride Flag Painted On Hand

red light on layered tissues

Red Light On Layered Tissues

teal hallway couch

Teal Hallway Couch

holding head high on chaise longue

Holding Head High On Chaise Longue

fall mens casual hoodie fashion

Fall Mens Casual Hoodie Fashion

genderqueer pride flag painted on arm

Genderqueer Pride Flag Painted On Arm

threaded needle ready to sew

Threaded Needle Ready To Sew

pins and scissors

Pins And Scissors