Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2110 photos since September 2017

slices of homemade pizza with olives on a green plate

Slices Of Homemade Pizza With Olives On A Green Plate

white wildflowers bloom in a lush green landscape

White Wildflowers Bloom In A Lush Green Landscape

happy new years at midnight

Happy New Years At Midnight

colorful paint brushes in front of black background

Colorful Paint Brushes In Front Of Black Background

two fortune cookies with one fortune visible

Two Fortune Cookies With One Fortune Visible

new years party person

New Years Party Person

a bushel of ripe red roma tomatoes

A Bushel Of Ripe Red Roma Tomatoes

person walks their dog on a tree lined pathway

Person Walks Their Dog On A Tree Lined Pathway

young pepper plant on a wooden tray in the grass

Young Pepper Plant On A Wooden Tray In The Grass

2019 smile guy

2019 Smile Guy

a line of marble archways

A Line Of Marble Archways

new years noise maker

New Years Noise Maker

woman in blue with long brown hair holds a flower

Woman In Blue With Long Brown Hair Holds A Flower

metal tacking pins

Metal Tacking Pins

person wearing a jean jacket and holding film camera

Person Wearing A Jean Jacket And Holding Film Camera

green metal trellis walkway

Green Metal Trellis Walkway

spilled pins

Spilled Pins

white petals with pink pigmentation and orange stamen

White Petals With Pink Pigmentation And Orange Stamen

domed building at the end of a street

Domed Building At The End Of A Street

yellow stone fruit on a white background

Yellow Stone Fruit On A White Background

small hands cut a block of grey clay on messy table

Small Hands Cut A Block Of Grey Clay On Messy Table

scaffolding on church

Scaffolding On Church

french flag flies

French Flag Flies

classy canine gentleman adorned in nautical scarf

Classy Canine Gentleman Adorned In Nautical Scarf

summer fruits on a green plate with a blue tablecloth

Summer Fruits On A Green Plate With A Blue Tablecloth

colorful jube jubes lay in the folds of a white silk sheet

Colorful Jube Jubes Lay In The Folds Of A White Silk Sheet

clay terra cotta pot with sprouts and leeks

Clay Terra Cotta Pot With Sprouts And Leeks

thread spools stored

Thread Spools Stored

bow view of boat

Bow View Of Boat

backlit detail of green leaves

Backlit Detail Of Green Leaves

scattered pins

Scattered Pins

torso of a person in a green shirt against blue background

Torso Of A Person In A Green Shirt Against Blue Background

summer strawberries and blueberries on blue linen cloth

Summer Strawberries And Blueberries On Blue Linen Cloth

tray of colorful thread bobbins

Tray Of Colorful Thread Bobbins

city street in dusky light

City Street In Dusky Light

flatlay of a mosaic artist at work

Flatlay Of A Mosaic Artist At Work

pink urban blooms

Pink Urban Blooms

covered wooden walkway

Covered Wooden Walkway

torso of a person in a plain grey shirt

Torso Of A Person In A Plain Grey Shirt

pink tulips on a glass jar on top of a stack of books

Pink Tulips On A Glass Jar On Top Of A Stack Of Books

2109 friends celebrate

2109 Friends Celebrate

woman stands with her hands on her hips looking powerful

Woman Stands With Her Hands On Her Hips Looking Powerful

rolling green countryside hills at sunset in summer

Rolling Green Countryside Hills At Sunset In Summer

plant sits outside of its pot showing a weaving system of roots

Plant Sits Outside Of Its Pot Showing A Weaving System Of Roots

young pepper plant grows from a glass jar

Young Pepper Plant Grows From A Glass Jar

flatlay of a floral mosaic surrounded by glass pieces

Flatlay Of A Floral Mosaic Surrounded By Glass Pieces

young leeks laying on a blue background by a plant tag

Young Leeks Laying On A Blue Background By A Plant Tag

close up of a wooden scrub brush exfoliating

Close Up Of A Wooden Scrub Brush Exfoliating

bright flatlay of a makeup pallet and other items

Bright Flatlay Of A Makeup Pallet And Other Items

close up of a persons shoulder wearing a green shirt

Close Up Of A Persons Shoulder Wearing A Green Shirt