Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 1381 photos since September 2017

gift wrapped

Gift Wrapped

rose bushes in bloom

Rose Bushes In Bloom

block from the middle being put on top

Block From The Middle Being Put On Top

young man on hooded sweater

Young Man On Hooded Sweater

soldier toys in grass

Soldier Toys In Grass

women's summer fashion and texting

Women's Summer Fashion And Texting

autumn colors makeup and beauty

Autumn Colors Makeup And Beauty

pink buds on cherry tree branches

Pink Buds On Cherry Tree Branches

softball in hand

Softball In Hand

blue ribbon on gift

Blue Ribbon On Gift

kids loving mom

Kids Loving Mom

happy dog wears flowers

Happy Dog Wears Flowers

bright floral women's summer fashion

Bright Floral Women's Summer Fashion

pale pink rose

Pale Pink Rose

alcoholic drinks wine and cocktail

Alcoholic Drinks Wine And Cocktail

toddler drawing and painting

Toddler Drawing And Painting

beautiful drag queen looks into the light

Beautiful Drag Queen Looks Into The Light

music paint and photography

Music Paint And Photography

picnic snacks wine and flowers

Picnic Snacks Wine And Flowers

pale pink and white flowers

Pale Pink And White Flowers

autumn tree leaves

Autumn Tree Leaves

brightly colored gift box

Brightly Colored Gift Box

summer fashion posing on church steps

Summer Fashion Posing On Church Steps

kids show mom some love

Kids Show Mom Some Love

woman in urban fashion by red wall

Woman In Urban Fashion By Red Wall

adjusting french cuffs mens fashion

Adjusting French Cuffs Mens Fashion

young woman writing in notebook with quil

Young Woman Writing In Notebook With Quil

creativity at home

Creativity At Home

blue smoke

Blue Smoke

two friends get their stationary groove on

Two Friends Get Their Stationary Groove On

soccer ball in green grass

Soccer Ball In Green Grass

dj spins and mixes

DJ Spins And Mixes

dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

super puppy

Super Puppy

casual fashion serious leap

Casual Fashion Serious Leap

pale cherry tree flowers

Pale Cherry Tree Flowers

textural delicate spring blush blossoms and crimson leaves

Textural Delicate Spring Blush Blossoms And Crimson Leaves

bright red and yellow summer flowers

Bright Red And Yellow Summer Flowers

woman cross-legged with her eyes closed

Woman Cross-Legged With Her Eyes Closed

young girl smiles with mom sign

Young Girl Smiles With Mom Sign

flowing summer green dress

Flowing Summer Green Dress

glitter lipstick makeup

Glitter Lipstick Makeup

womans shoulder side

Womans Shoulder Side

fashion model on blue wall with lens flair

Fashion Model On Blue Wall With Lens Flair

hands on ankles

Hands On Ankles

night club dj making music

Night Club DJ Making Music

fallen block tower game

Fallen Block Tower Game

flowers on picnic blanket

Flowers On Picnic Blanket

red lips and summer fashion

Red Lips And Summer Fashion

mens button up shirt urban fashion

Mens Button Up Shirt Urban Fashion