Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

thread spools stored

Thread Spools Stored

a woman walks alone in a barren field

A Woman Walks Alone In A Barren Field

close up of a tape measure

Close Up Of A Tape Measure

party hats for 2019

Party Hats for 2019

model poses by scaffolding

Model Poses By Scaffolding

close up of a sliced orange

Close Up Of A Sliced Orange

old kitchen shelves

Old Kitchen Shelves

drag queen poses on sofa

Drag Queen Poses On Sofa

pansexual pride flag painted on hand

Pansexual Pride Flag Painted On Hand

one happy face after getting packed up

One Happy Face After Getting Packed Up

casual lean men's fashion

Casual Lean Men's Fashion

two packages wrapped in kraft paper and twine

Two Packages Wrapped In Kraft Paper And Twine

a hand holds a ripe peach

A Hand Holds A Ripe Peach

menorah embellishment on stripes

Menorah Embellishment On Stripes

threaded needle on sewing machine

Threaded Needle On Sewing Machine

close up of succulents and their complex roots system

Close Up Of Succulents And Their Complex Roots System

social distancing in wooden letter tiles

Social Distancing In Wooden Letter Tiles

different packages ready to be shipped

Different Packages Ready To Be Shipped

colorful thread in box

Colorful Thread In Box

empty road shrowded by green trees

Empty Road Shrowded By Green Trees

hand grips a twenty lb weight

Hand Grips A Twenty LB Weight

a yellow tape measure showing six feet

A Yellow Tape Measure Showing Six Feet

bird's eye view of snow-covered fields

Bird's Eye View Of Snow-Covered Fields

men's white shirt on model

Men's White Shirt On Model

eiffel tower up close

Eiffel Tower Up Close

white bowl filled with red figs against black

White Bowl Filled With Red Figs Against Black

white shirt pink wall

White shirt Pink Wall

distancing in wooden letter tiles

Distancing In Wooden Letter Tiles

quill and ink bottle on blue and pink background

Quill And Ink Bottle On Blue And Pink Background

close up of hot noodle soup

Close Up Of Hot Noodle Soup

model by city graffiti wall

Model By City Graffiti Wall

white feather quill resting on an ink bottle on blue background

White Feather Quill Resting On An Ink Bottle On Blue Background

autumn leaves in a winter park

Autumn Leaves In A Winter Park

a wall of painted portraits

A Wall Of Painted Portraits

worn brown leather bible

Worn Brown Leather Bible

drag queen performer poses on pink

Drag Queen Performer Poses On Pink

mens formal wear in city alley

Mens Formal Wear In City Alley

a young woman deep in thought

A Young Woman Deep In Thought

beach ball toss

Beach Ball Toss

preparing packages for fulfillment

Preparing Packages For Fulfillment

close up of green leaves on pastel

Close Up Of Green Leaves On Pastel

brass cap on the corner of bible

Brass Cap On The Corner Of Bible

an abandoned bear with face mask

An Abandoned Bear With Face Mask

white work bench with a person adding to a mosaic

White Work Bench With A Person Adding To A Mosaic

louvre pyramids

Louvre Pyramids

five hot peppers

Five Hot Peppers

old wooden cross with carved figure and ornate stand

Old Wooden Cross With Carved Figure And Ornate Stand

a tall tree dominates the horizon over an old wall

A Tall Tree Dominates The Horizon Over An Old Wall

brown eyed puppy

Brown Eyed Puppy

thoughtful person in white tshirt portrait

Thoughtful Person In White Tshirt Portrait