Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2110 photos since September 2017

shadows captured in a baroque archway

Shadows Captured In A Baroque Archway

a look up to the clear sky above a row of old buildings

A Look Up To The Clear Sky ABove A Row Of Old Buildings

casual lean men's fashion

Casual Lean Men's Fashion

hands holding crafting tool to cut yellow glass

Hands Holding Crafting Tool To Cut Yellow Glass

white feather quill laid next to an ink bottle

White Feather Quill Laid Next To An Ink Bottle

empty road shrowded by green trees

Empty Road Shrowded By Green Trees

a stack of boxes in all different sizes

A Stack Of Boxes In All Different Sizes

bee on foxglove

Bee On Foxglove

a black and tan dog in a patterned head scarf

A Black And Tan Dog In A Patterned Head Scarf

autumn leaves in a winter park

Autumn Leaves In A Winter Park

a glimpse of water through the shadows

A Glimpse Of Water Through The Shadows

model poses by scaffolding

Model Poses By Scaffolding

a young woman deep in thought

A Young Woman Deep In Thought

close up of a purple perennial flower

Close Up Of A Purple Perennial Flower

five hot peppers

Five Hot Peppers

rows of young corn in a farmers field at sunset

Rows Of Young Corn In A Farmers Field At Sunset

young pepper plant on a wooden tray in the grass

Young Pepper Plant On A Wooden Tray In The Grass

2019 decorative glasses

2019 Decorative Glasses

brown eyed puppy

Brown Eyed Puppy

white wildflowers bloom in a lush green landscape

White Wildflowers Bloom In A Lush Green Landscape

woman stands with her hands on her hips looking powerful

Woman Stands With Her Hands On Her Hips Looking Powerful

colorful jube jubes lay in the folds of a white silk sheet

Colorful Jube Jubes Lay In The Folds Of A White Silk Sheet

purple haired drag queen looks over shoulder

Purple Haired Drag Queen Looks Over Shoulder

full side view of person holding trans pride flag

Full Side View Of Person Holding Trans Pride Flag

the red hot chili peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

small white terrier dog

Small White Terrier Dog

childs hand holds a block of pottery clay

Childs Hand Holds A Block Of Pottery Clay

round ripe blueberries on white fabric

Round Ripe Blueberries On White Fabric

pink city flowers

Pink City Flowers

three friends 2019

Three Friends 2019

a historical building in the shadows of neighboring trees

A Historical Building In The Shadows Of Neighboring Trees

person holds up trans pride flag

Person Holds Up Trans Pride Flag

stack of citrus slices on a white surface

Stack Of Citrus Slices On A White Surface

red and blue gummies lay on a white silk fabric

Red And Blue Gummies Lay On A White Silk Fabric

colorful tiles meet intricate stonework

Colorful Tiles Meet Intricate Stonework

smiling trans man seated above draped rainbow flag

Smiling Trans Man Seated Above Draped Rainbow Flag

green and purple kale leaf curled on white surface

Green And Purple Kale Leaf Curled On White Surface

slices of citrus on a white background

Slices Of Citrus On A White Background

row of hot peppers

Row Of Hot Peppers

person walks their dog on a tree lined pathway

Person Walks Their Dog On A Tree Lined Pathway

tree and spire

Tree And Spire

distancing in wooden letter tiles

Distancing In Wooden Letter Tiles

feather-written love note

Feather-Written Love Note

old kitchen shelves

Old Kitchen Shelves

reeds flow in the breeze on a cloudy day

Reeds Flow In The Breeze On A Cloudy Day

young leeks lay on a dirt covered blue surface

Young Leeks Lay On A Dirt Covered Blue Surface

orange slices cast a orange shadow on a white surface

Orange Slices Cast A Orange Shadow On A White Surface

clay terra cotta pot with sprouts and leeks

Clay Terra Cotta Pot With Sprouts And Leeks

sunlight filters in from an open window

Sunlight Filters In From An Open Window

woman standing with hand on her hip

Woman Standing With Hand On Her Hip