Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

men's eyewear fashion

Men's Eyewear Fashion

pine cone close up texture

Pine Cone Close Up Texture

a white and tan dog stares into your soul

A White And Tan Dog Stares Into Your Soul

book stands up opening the pages in sunlight

Book Stands Up Opening The Pages In Sunlight

a single yellow face mask

A Single Yellow Face Mask

wrapped lgbt flag holding fist up

Wrapped Lgbt Flag Holding Fist Up

cup and book on a shelf in shadow

Cup And Book On A Shelf In Shadow

green plate with fresh berries on silk

Green Plate With Fresh Berries On Silk

drag queen owns the sofa

Drag Queen Owns The Sofa

young man new years cheers

Young Man New Years Cheers

a white labrador wearing a pearl necklace

A White Labrador Wearing A Pearl Necklace

a loving look while stood by a tall tree

A Loving Look While Stood By A Tall Tree

antique lock showing it's ornate design

Antique Lock Showing It's Ornate Design

rolling green countryside hills at sunset in summer

Rolling Green Countryside Hills At Sunset In Summer

white petals with pink pigmentation and orange stamen

White Petals With Pink Pigmentation And Orange Stamen

pumpkin lid and guts on a black background

Pumpkin Lid And Guts On A Black Background

teddy bear with a face mask

Teddy Bear With A Face Mask

small pumpkin on a black background

Small Pumpkin On A Black Background

over the shoulder of a person reading a book

Over The Shoulder Of A Person Reading A Book

small hands cradle a very large tomato

Small Hands Cradle A Very Large Tomato

smiling person waving trans pride flag

Smiling Person Waving Trans Pride Flag

a hand draws an ornate dagger from its sheath

A Hand Draws An Ornate Dagger From Its Sheath

cornet instrument in dark room

Cornet Instrument In Dark Room

blue beaver patch sewn onto green fabric

Blue Beaver Patch Sewn Onto Green Fabric

head and hands of a woman float in ball pit

Head And Hands Of A Woman Float In Ball Pit

camera looks down at a bowl of noodle soup

Camera Looks Down At A Bowl Of Noodle Soup

green plate filled with fruit in the middle of frame

Green Plate Filled With Fruit In The Middle Of Frame

business person leans on yellow wall

Business Person Leans On Yellow Wall

drag queen poses in blonde

Drag Queen Poses In Blonde

peek-a-boo! a couple play behind trees

Peek-a-boo! A Couple Play Behind Trees

a man holding up packages for fulfillment

A Man Holding Up Packages For Fulfillment

branches of a fir tree brave the winter elements

Branches Of A Fir Tree Brave The Winter Elements

tree and spire

Tree And Spire

sunlight beams through church window

Sunlight Beams Through Church Window

new year ladies cheers

New Year Ladies Cheers

navy pants and white shirt men's fashion

Navy Pants And White Shirt Men's Fashion

metal tacking pins

Metal Tacking Pins

packages held in the hand

Packages Held In The Hand

white daisies with a yellow center fill a green garden

White Daisies With A Yellow Center Fill A Green Garden

stone arches line a hallway dotted with iron lanterns

Stone Arches Line A Hallway Dotted With Iron Lanterns

a pile of purple figs

A Pile Of Purple Figs

drag queen performer leans on table pose

Drag Queen Performer Leans On Table Pose

bright green leaf with a dragonfly

Bright Green Leaf With A Dragonfly

a couple laugh together between trees

A Couple Laugh Together Between Trees

row of hot peppers

Row Of Hot Peppers

dapper dog gentleman with bowtie posing on black background

Dapper Dog Gentleman With Bowtie Posing On Black Background

ready to serve romance

Ready To Serve Romance

man looks at menu in restaurant

Man Looks At Menu In Restaurant

flatlay of a floral mosaic surrounded by glass pieces

Flatlay Of A Floral Mosaic Surrounded By Glass Pieces

silver frill drag fashion

Silver Frill Drag Fashion