Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 1743 photos since September 2017

scattered pins

Scattered Pins

a black and green tennis racket

A Black And Green Tennis Racket

an abandoned bear with face mask

An Abandoned Bear With Face Mask

spilled pins

Spilled Pins

woman lens on hand while sitting on yoga mat

Woman Lens On Hand While Sitting On Yoga Mat

looking up at the arc du triomphe

Looking Up At The Arc Du Triomphe

domed building at the end of a street

Domed Building At The End Of A Street

hand runs denim through sewing machine

Hand Runs Denim Through Sewing Machine

metal tacking pins

Metal Tacking Pins

stored thread spools

Stored Thread Spools

denim runs through sewing machine

Denim Runs Through Sewing Machine

ornate stained glass window

Ornate Stained Glass Window

empty gray street

Empty Gray Street

bark peeling away on birch tree

Bark Peeling Away On Birch Tree

many chandeliers hang from the ceiling

Many Chandeliers Hang From The Ceiling

castle scaffolding

Castle Scaffolding

scattered yellow and purple petals

Scattered Yellow And Purple Petals

young woman in blue brushing hair back

Young Woman In Blue Brushing Hair Back

scaffolding on church

Scaffolding On Church

green and brown seed on white

Green And Brown Seed On White

tabby cat with luminous green eyes

Tabby Cat With Luminous Green Eyes

a dragonfly sits on the tip of a leaf

A Dragonfly Sits On The Tip Of A Leaf

relaxed cat sleeping on sofa

Relaxed Cat Sleeping On Sofa

gray arches in sunlight

Gray Arches In Sunlight

large ornate building

Large Ornate Building

measuring tape on the ground

Measuring Tape On The Ground

fruit and vegetable on white

Fruit And Vegetable On White

lots of hand-woven ribbon on book shelves

Lots Of Hand-Woven Ribbon On Book Shelves

floral couch with matching wallpaper

Floral Couch With Matching Wallpaper

green and brown fruit in hand

Green And Brown Fruit In Hand

cinnamon bun

Cinnamon Bun

a beautiful ceiling mural from the palace of versailles

A Beautiful Ceiling Mural From The Palace Of Versailles

a ripe peach held in the hand

A Ripe Peach Held In The Hand

a hand holds a ripe peach

A Hand Holds A Ripe Peach

a trio of green candles

A Trio Of Green Candles

leaves in focus on pink background

Leaves In Focus On Pink Background

close up eiffel tower

Close Up Eiffel Tower

french flag flies

French Flag Flies

large ripe red heirloom tomato

Large Ripe Red Heirloom Tomato

young woman in front of bright window

Young Woman In Front Of Bright Window

white petals with pink pigmentation and orange stamen

White Petals With Pink Pigmentation And Orange Stamen

a cold glass of orange juice

A Cold Glass Of Orange Juice

green metal trellis walkway

Green Metal Trellis Walkway

a full glass of fresh orange juice

A Full Glass Of Fresh Orange Juice

heirloom tomato on white background

Heirloom Tomato On White Background

tassel and colored rope and ribbon in pigeon holes

Tassel And Colored Rope And Ribbon In Pigeon Holes

succulent in handmade mug

Succulent In Handmade Mug

stained glass light in church

Stained Glass Light In Church

close up of a tape measure

Close Up Of A Tape Measure

colored ribbon around sheets of cardboard on bookshelves

Colored Ribbon Around Sheets Of Cardboard On Bookshelves