Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

ukulele on blue background

Ukulele On Blue Background

modern music modern dj

Modern Music Modern DJ

musical instrument still life trumpet tamborine

Musical Instrument Still Life Trumpet Tamborine

shelving with musical instruments

Shelving With Musical Instruments

cn tower through skyscrapers

CN Tower Through Skyscrapers

fiddle and bow rest on stack of books

Fiddle And Bow Rest On Stack Of Books

musical synthesizer keyboard

Musical Synthesizer Keyboard

violin instrument on brown background

Violin Instrument On Brown Background

fiddle and bow on blue

Fiddle And Bow On Blue

harp instrument close up

Harp Instrument Close Up

violin instrument neck and tuning pegs

Violin Instrument Neck And Tuning Pegs

violin and bow on books

Violin And Bow On Books

harp instrument tuning pins and levers

Harp Instrument Tuning Pins And Levers

long brown hair fashion record shopping

Long Brown Hair Fashion Record Shopping

woman in overalls poses by brick wall

Woman In Overalls Poses By Brick Wall

summer fashion overalls and heels

Summer Fashion Overalls And Heels

woman buying vinyl records

Woman Buying Vinyl Records

summer fashion buying music

Summer Fashion Buying Music

woman sifts through record sale

Woman Sifts Through Record Sale

long brown hair and overalls

Long Brown Hair And Overalls

fall fashion on black brick

Fall Fashion On Black Brick

woman crosses arms and legs with angry face

Woman Crosses Arms And Legs With Angry Face

summer record shopping in city

Summer Record Shopping In City

urban overall fashion

Urban Overall Fashion

back and white fashion for fall

Back And White Fashion For Fall

cross legged model in fall fashion

Cross Legged Model In Fall Fashion

woman in heels and summer fashion walking

Woman In Heels And Summer Fashion Walking

cloudy refection in glass building

Cloudy Refection In Glass Building

fashion model walks down city street

Fashion Model Walks Down City Street

glass wall skylight panes

Glass Wall Skylight Panes

harp musical instrument in shadows

Harp Musical Instrument In Shadows

overalls fashion for woman model

Overalls Fashion for Woman Model

shiny trumpet musical instrument with valves and mouthpiece

Shiny Trumpet Musical Instrument With Valves And Mouthpiece

fiddle and bow on stack of books

Fiddle And Bow On Stack Of Books

close up piano keyboards keys

Close Up Piano Keyboards Keys

fun summer fashion in the city

Fun Summer Fashion In The City

glasses and light pink lips summer fashion

Glasses And Light Pink Lips Summer Fashion

summer city fashion model

Summer City Fashion Model

urban fashion modeled on the street

Urban Fashion Modeled On The Street

woman in glasses with long braids

Woman In Glasses With Long Braids

fashion model in striped pants

Fashion Model In Striped Pants

fashion model in urban setting

Fashion Model In Urban Setting

woman in urban fashion by red wall

Woman In Urban Fashion By Red Wall

woman poses by brick wall in overalls

Woman Poses By Brick Wall In Overalls

high heels with baggy fashion

High Heels With Baggy Fashion

woman laughing and posing by blue wall

Woman Laughing And Posing By Blue Wall

model in glasses and overalls

Model In Glasses And Overalls

woman leans over city wall with blue sky

Woman Leans Over City Wall With Blue Sky

model poses in long green maxi dress

Model Poses In Long Green Maxi Dress

flowing summer green dress

Flowing Summer Green Dress