Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2030 photos since September 2017

red mesh texture close up

Red Mesh Texture Close Up

fishnet tights on figure skating costume

Fishnet Tights On Figure Skating Costume

summer fashion model smiles in the park

Summer Fashion Model Smiles In The Park

woman in summer fashion leans on wall

Woman In Summer Fashion Leans On Wall

woman with braids looks off to horizon

Woman With Braids Looks Off To Horizon

summer fashion in the city

Summer Fashion In The City

women's dramatic summer fashion in greens

Women's Dramatic Summer Fashion In Greens

woman laughs on deck in summer

Woman Laughs On Deck In Summer

woman fashion model laughing at park

Woman Fashion Model Laughing At Park

urban women's summer fashion model

Urban Women's Summer Fashion Model

women's fashion braids and summer tees

Women's Fashion Braids And Summer Tees

woman in red skirt and braids on phone

Woman In Red Skirt And Braids On Phone

women's summer fashion bright reds

Women's Summer Fashion Bright Reds

bright floral women's summer fashion

Bright Floral Women's Summer Fashion

woman poses near city building

Woman Poses Near City Building

women's summer urban fashion brick wall

Women's Summer Urban Fashion Brick Wall

summer rooftop drink model

Summer Rooftop Drink Model

female fashion model poses in city street

Female Fashion Model Poses In City Street

women's summer fashion reds and prints

Women's Summer Fashion Reds And Prints

red lips and summer fashion

Red Lips And Summer Fashion

red lips and skirt summer fashion

Red Lips And Skirt Summer Fashion

fashion model stares down the camera

Fashion Model Stares Down The Camera

woman in braids and floral blouse

Woman In Braids And Floral Blouse

dark braids in hair and red lips fashion

Dark Braids In Hair And Red Lips Fashion

summer fashion near stone wall

Summer Fashion Near Stone Wall

urban fashion on model

Urban Fashion On Model

flowy green summer dress on model

Flowy Green Summer Dress On Model

woman reading on park bench

Woman Reading On Park Bench

green summer fashion in park

Green Summer Fashion In Park

model poses in green and looks to side

Model Poses In Green And Looks To Side

woman with coffee runs hands through hair

Woman With Coffee Runs Hands Through Hair

model walks in heels in the city

Model Walks In Heels In The City

fashion model in overalls crosses legs

Fashion Model In Overalls Crosses Legs

brown eyed girl peeks through leaves

Brown Eyed Girl Peeks Through Leaves

summer fashion posing on church steps

Summer Fashion Posing On Church Steps

fashion model on blue wall with lens flair

Fashion Model On Blue Wall With Lens Flair

woman in summer sunglasses and fashion

Woman In Summer Sunglasses And Fashion

model in overalls on bright day

Model In Overalls On Bright Day

fashion model looking up through trees

Fashion Model Looking Up Through Trees

summer fashion model walks in urban setting

Summer Fashion Model Walks In Urban Setting

woman laughs at mobile phone

Woman Laughs At Mobile Phone

summer fashion model poses in sun

Summer Fashion Model Poses In Sun

female model poses and reads

Female Model Poses And Reads

fashion model woman leans on wall

Fashion Model Woman Leans On Wall

reading with an iced coffee in summer

Reading With An Iced Coffee In Summer

woman relaxing on park bench

Woman Relaxing On Park Bench

fashion model in green poses in archway

Fashion Model In Green Poses In Archway

model in heels and overalls with blue

Model In Heels And Overalls With Blue

model smiles and walks in green dress

Model Smiles And Walks In Green Dress

women's summer fashion and texting

Women's Summer Fashion And Texting