Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

woman lies on patterned blue rug

Woman Lies On Patterned Blue Rug

hands trim blue glass for a mosaic of flowers

Hands Trim Blue Glass For A Mosaic Of Flowers

close up of a persons hand adding glass to a mosaic

Close Up Of A Persons Hand Adding Glass To A Mosaic

a look across the sea from a mountain top

A Look Across The Sea From A Mountain Top

large urban pond

Large Urban Pond

hand uses tweezers to add to a mosaic

Hand Uses Tweezers To Add To A Mosaic

a big fluffy dog with a necktie

A Big Fluffy Dog With A Necktie

couple share a moment under snow covered trees

Couple Share A Moment Under Snow Covered Trees

white feather hanging over a black background

White Feather Hanging Over A Black Background

tossing beach ball at the park

Tossing Beach Ball At The Park

flatlay of a floral mosaic design in progress

Flatlay Of A Floral Mosaic Design In Progress

yellow stone fruit on a white background

Yellow Stone Fruit On A White Background

a ripe peach held in the hand

A Ripe Peach Held In The Hand

close up of bright orange lily

Close Up Of Bright Orange Lily

posing drag queen portrait

Posing Drag Queen Portrait

laughing women celebrate the new year

Laughing Women Celebrate The New Year

on stage performer holds out mic

On Stage Performer Holds Out Mic

looking down at mosaic artist making floral design

Looking Down At Mosaic Artist Making Floral Design

couple share a loving look in the park

Couple Share A Loving Look In The Park

a model kisses rubber ducks in search of her prince charming

A Model Kisses Rubber Ducks In Search Of Her Prince Charming

woman sits in dark space

Woman Sits In Dark Space

sparkles and fishnets drag queen pose

Sparkles And Fishnets Drag Queen Pose

a black and tan dog with amber eyes in a headscarf

A Black And Tan Dog With Amber Eyes In A Headscarf

pretty in pink

Pretty In Pink

friends striking thoughtful pose at party

Friends Striking Thoughtful Pose At Party

a puppy on a sofa with a cluster of flowers around the neck

A Puppy On A Sofa With A Cluster Of Flowers Around The Neck

a couple share a loving look in the park

A Couple Share A Loving Look In The Park

woman is swallowed up by a pool of styrofoam balls

Woman Is Swallowed Up By A Pool Of Styrofoam Balls

blonde haired drag queen lips pursed

Blonde Haired Drag Queen Lips Pursed

tasty treats for photos

Tasty Treats For Photos

woman in blue with long brown hair holds a flower

Woman In Blue With Long Brown Hair Holds A Flower

close up of a stack of books

Close Up Of A Stack Of Books

slice of orange backlit on the left side of the frame

Slice Of Orange Backlit On The Left Side Of The Frame

brown eyed girl peeks through leaves

Brown Eyed Girl Peeks Through Leaves

slices of citrus on a white background

Slices Of Citrus On A White Background

pink roses and white daisies outside a flower shop

Pink Roses And White Daisies Outside A Flower Shop

a dog looks up from under a head scarf with soft eyes

A Dog Looks Up From Under A Head Scarf With Soft Eyes

tulip leans towards the light against dark red

Tulip Leans Towards The Light Against Dark Red

woman floating in a sea of styrofoam balls

Woman Floating In A Sea Of Styrofoam Balls

flatlay of ripe strawberries on a green plate on silk

Flatlay Of Ripe Strawberries On A Green Plate On Silk

surfers take to the water

Surfers Take To The Water

games night stacking tower blocks

Games Night Stacking Tower Blocks

green and brown fruit in hand

Green And Brown Fruit In Hand

a golden labrador in a necktie

A Golden Labrador In A Necktie

two people on a winter walk look lovingly at each other

Two People On A Winter Walk Look Lovingly At Each Other

spilled pins

Spilled Pins

shopper on urban street

Shopper On Urban Street

flowers, plants and graffiti outside a flower shop

Flowers, Plants And Graffiti Outside A Flower Shop

woman smiles as she puts her hair up in a sparkly scrunchie

Woman Smiles As She Puts Her Hair Up In A Sparkly Scrunchie

hand holding a fine paint brush to a painting

Hand Holding A Fine Paint Brush To A Painting