Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2110 photos since September 2017

woman tries to find her reflection in a wall of mirrors

Woman Tries To Find her Reflection In A Wall of Mirrors

hands work on a glass mosaic to left side of frame

Hands Work On A Glass Mosaic To Left Side Of Frame

drag queen points and poses

Drag Queen Points And Poses

wicker picnic basket with stemless wine glasses

Wicker Picnic Basket With Stemless Wine Glasses

the door of a historical building catching the light

The Door Of A Historical Building Catching The Light

woman uses a jade face roller on her cheekbones

Woman Uses A Jade Face Roller On Her Cheekbones

a ripe peach held in the hand

A Ripe Peach Held In The Hand

white pink and purple flowers outside a flower shop in paris

White Pink And Purple Flowers Outside A Flower Shop In Paris

hand holding white feather quill

Hand Holding White Feather Quill

an explosion of flowers around this dog's face

An Explosion Of Flowers Around This Dog's Face

a couple laugh together between trees

A Couple Laugh Together Between Trees

profile of a woman with her hair in a scrunchie bun

Profile Of A Woman With Her Hair In A Scrunchie Bun

candy scattered on white silk fabric

Candy Scattered On White Silk Fabric

model poses against orange background

Model Poses Against Orange Background

woman holds and smells a single ranunculus flower

Woman Holds And Smells A Single Ranunculus Flower

a bleary tan pooch in stares into distance

A Bleary Tan Pooch In Stares Into Distance

woman floating in a sea of styrofoam balls

Woman Floating In A Sea Of Styrofoam Balls

variety of colored paint brushes flatlay on black background

Variety Of Colored Paint Brushes Flatlay On Black Background

orange hearts with hand written text of remembrance

Orange Hearts With Hand Written Text Of Remembrance

young leeks in a black plastic container

Young Leeks In A Black Plastic Container

portrait of a woman in blue in front of a beige backdrop

Portrait Of A Woman In Blue In Front Of A Beige Backdrop

dogs need photos too

Dogs Need Photos Too

home office bathed in sunlight

Home Office Bathed In Sunlight

blonde haired drag queen lips pursed

Blonde Haired Drag Queen Lips Pursed

white silk sheet with fresh fruit in the middle of it

White Silk Sheet With Fresh Fruit In The Middle Of It

casual coffee date in warm fall mens fashion

Casual Coffee Date In Warm Fall Mens Fashion

tall blonde drag queen fashion

Tall Blonde Drag Queen Fashion

androgynous person holds trans pride flag

Androgynous Person Holds Trans Pride Flag

roasted coffee beans on white fabric

Roasted Coffee Beans On White Fabric

glimmer of sun through flower petals

Glimmer Of Sun Through Flower Petals

person holds small piece of blue glass to place into a mosaic

Person Holds Small Piece Of Blue Glass To Place Into A Mosaic

person in blue jean jacket holds camera against red brick wall

Person In Blue Jean Jacket Holds Camera Against Red Brick Wall

orange rose on orange

Orange Rose On Orange

monochrome person sitting down in black shirt and blue jeans

Monochrome Person Sitting Down In Black Shirt And Blue Jeans

blue pin box

Blue Pin Box

close up of a person using a jade roller on their cheek

Close Up Of A Person Using A Jade Roller On Their Cheek

profile of a woman using a jade face roller

Profile Of A Woman Using A Jade Face Roller

spooky pumpkins being prepared for carving halloween

Spooky Pumpkins Being Prepared For Carving Halloween

eiffel tower and the sun

Eiffel Tower And The Sun

large coffee table book on a red sofa chair

Large Coffee Table Book On A Red Sofa Chair

flowers in my collar

Flowers In My Collar

artist sits outdoors and paints at an easel

Artist Sits Outdoors And Paints At An Easel

social distance on brown background

Social Distance On Brown Background

close up of soft pink flower petals

Close Up Of Soft Pink Flower Petals

a beautiful ceiling mural from the palace of versailles

A Beautiful Ceiling Mural From The Palace Of Versailles

packages held in the hand

Packages Held In The Hand

boxes and packages on white background

Boxes and Packages On White Background

green tree with small orange fruit on branches

Green Tree With Small Orange Fruit On Branches

comb and scissors with a drink

Comb And Scissors With A Drink

a bar of dark chocolate on white

A Bar Of Dark Chocolate On White