Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 1248 photos since September 2017

sparkling white wine and grapes

Sparkling White Wine And Grapes

tulips drink and books

Tulips Drink And Books

baby leaning on couch

Baby Leaning On Couch

woman in summer sunglasses and fashion

Woman In Summer Sunglasses And Fashion

red lips and skirt summer fashion

Red Lips And Skirt Summer Fashion

makeup mash up flatlay of beauty

Makeup Mash Up Flatlay Of Beauty

woman reading on park bench

Woman Reading On Park Bench

softball in hand

Softball In Hand

flowers for mom

Flowers For Mom

kids loving mom

Kids Loving Mom

red wine pouring

Red Wine Pouring

gift wrapped

Gift Wrapped

soldier toys in grass

Soldier Toys In Grass

light pink cherry blossoms on branch

Light Pink Cherry Blossoms On Branch

red gift with ribbon

Red Gift With Ribbon

makeup brushes with nude and blue powders

Makeup Brushes With Nude And Blue Powders

pale pink flowers and dark red leaves against house

Pale Pink Flowers And Dark Red Leaves Against House

beauty products makeup brush and powders

Beauty Products Makeup Brush And Powders

young woman writing in notebook with quil

Young Woman Writing In Notebook With Quil

pink buds on cherry tree branches

Pink Buds On Cherry Tree Branches

woman in urban fashion by red wall

Woman In Urban Fashion By Red Wall

makeup and brushes on black background

Makeup And Brushes On Black Background

young girl smiles with mom sign

Young Girl Smiles With Mom Sign

work desk in order

Work Desk In Order

bright floral women's summer fashion

Bright Floral Women's Summer Fashion

makeup collage

Makeup Collage

womans bust hand shoulder

Womans Bust Hand Shoulder

kids arts and crafts

Kids Arts And Crafts

cherry blossom branches

Cherry Blossom Branches

autumn tree leaves

Autumn Tree Leaves

blue ribbon on gift

Blue Ribbon On Gift

early childhood educator with toys and child

Early Childhood Educator With Toys And Child

art supplies and painting

Art Supplies And Painting

brightly colored gift box

Brightly Colored Gift Box

summer fashion model smiles in the park

Summer Fashion Model Smiles In The Park

soccer ball in green grass

Soccer Ball In Green Grass

kids show mom some love

Kids Show Mom Some Love

blue smoke

Blue Smoke

cessna aircraft on tarmac

Cessna Aircraft On Tarmac

women's fashion braids and summer tees

Women's Fashion Braids And Summer Tees

textural delicate spring blush blossoms and crimson leaves

Textural Delicate Spring Blush Blossoms And Crimson Leaves

montessori waldorf toys and toddlers

Montessori Waldorf Toys And Toddlers

womans shoulder side

Womans Shoulder Side

block tower game falling on games night

Block Tower Game Falling On Games Night

mother son crafts

Mother Son Crafts

dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

rose bushes in bloom

Rose Bushes In Bloom

teacher and student painting

Teacher And Student Painting

pale pink and white flowers

Pale Pink And White Flowers

poker game night with friends

Poker Game Night With Friends