Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

young woman with nose piercing

Young Woman With Nose Piercing

pooch in a tutu

Pooch In A Tutu

pink and white colorful flower in negative space

Pink And White Colorful Flower In Negative Space

flatlay of makeup brushes and makeup on a black plate

Flatlay Of Makeup Brushes And Makeup On A Black Plate

profile of a black and tan dog in a patterned scarf

Profile Of A Black And Tan Dog In A Patterned Scarf

two men people watching at a formal party

Two Men People Watching At A Formal Party

hands working on a floral mosaic on a grey table

Hands Working On A Floral Mosaic On A Grey Table

mens fashion model autumn season

Mens Fashion Model Autumn Season

lavender in a claer glass bottle

Lavender In A Claer Glass Bottle

woman sits on purple mat

Woman Sits On Purple Mat

a fluffy dog wearing a necklace of flowers

A Fluffy Dog Wearing A Necklace Of Flowers

slice of orange backlit on the left side of the frame

Slice Of Orange Backlit On The Left Side Of The Frame

women celebrate together

Women Celebrate Together

scooping seeds out of a pumpkin

Scooping Seeds Out Of A Pumpkin

woman wearing black vest poses against orange background

Woman Wearing Black Vest Poses Against Orange Background

moden fashion and decor cheers

Moden Fashion And Decor Cheers

woman smiles as she puts her hair up in a sparkly scrunchie

Woman Smiles As She Puts Her Hair Up In A Sparkly Scrunchie

spooky pumpkins being prepared for carving halloween

Spooky Pumpkins Being Prepared For Carving Halloween

cactus close up in green

Cactus Close Up In Green

woman adding highlights with a makeup brush

Woman Adding Highlights With A Makeup Brush

stealing a kiss on a winter stroll through the woods

Stealing A Kiss On A Winter Stroll Through The Woods

toy clown doll

Toy Clown Doll

hands measuring and building

Hands Measuring And Building

autumn warm mens fashion

Autumn Warm Mens Fashion

woman is swallowed up by a pool of styrofoam balls

Woman Is Swallowed Up By A Pool Of Styrofoam Balls

crisp green plant against red background

Crisp Green Plant Against Red Background

peeking through the cliffside to the sea

Peeking Through The Cliffside To The Sea

hand holding baseball on red

Hand Holding Baseball On Red

battling toy soldiers

Battling Toy Soldiers

woman lens on hand while sitting on yoga mat

Woman Lens On Hand While Sitting On Yoga Mat

orange rose on orange

Orange Rose On Orange

mens fashion in restaurant booth

Mens Fashion In Restaurant Booth

white dandelion with a green stem against black

White Dandelion With A Green Stem Against Black

hands holds glass cutters trimming blue glass

Hands Holds Glass Cutters Trimming Blue Glass

woman poses by large window

Woman Poses By Large Window

model poses against orange background

Model Poses Against Orange Background

the petals of this flower cast shadows of purples and pinks

The Petals Of This Flower Cast Shadows Of Purples And Pinks

preparing fulfillment, packages are stacked

Preparing Fulfillment, Packages Are Stacked

bet you didn't expect to see a yak being shaved today

Bet You Didn't Expect To See A Yak Being Shaved Today

large coffee table book on a red sofa chair

Large Coffee Table Book On A Red Sofa Chair

hand picks out flower petal

Hand Picks Out Flower Petal

hands work on a glass mosaic to left side of frame

Hands Work On A Glass Mosaic To Left Side Of Frame

a novel lays open with a bowl of fresh figs next to it

A Novel Lays Open With A Bowl Of Fresh Figs Next To It

torso of a person in a plain grey shirt

Torso Of A Person In A Plain Grey Shirt

two people on a winter walk look lovingly at each other

Two People On A Winter Walk Look Lovingly At Each Other

childs hand holds a block of pottery clay

Childs Hand Holds A Block Of Pottery Clay

woman in blue with long brown hair holds a flower

Woman In Blue With Long Brown Hair Holds A Flower

chess pawns lined up

Chess Pawns Lined Up

friends celebrate new year's eve with champagne

Friends Celebrate New Year's Eve With Champagne

makeup brushes against deep red background

Makeup Brushes Against Deep Red Background