Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 1825 photos since September 2017

this golden retriever perches on a sofa

This Golden Retriever Perches On A Sofa

spicy vegetable pile

Spicy Vegetable Pile

pink and black leggings

Pink and Black Leggings

resting after workout

Resting After Workout

colorful chocolate candy easter eggs on white

Colorful Chocolate Candy Easter Eggs On White

a bleary tan pooch in stares into distance

A Bleary Tan Pooch In Stares Into Distance

man leans over wall in urban setting

Man Leans Over Wall In Urban Setting

menorah and gelt

Menorah And Gelt

couple touching noses

Couple Touching Noses

a couple share a loving look in the park

A Couple Share A Loving Look In The Park

snow smiles

Snow Smiles

a hand clasps an ornate dagger by the blade

A Hand Clasps An Ornate Dagger By The Blade

men's fashion in busy city

Men's Fashion In Busy City

casual mens ware white background

Casual Mens Ware White Background

hand holds up a bright beach ball

Hand Holds Up A Bright Beach Ball

white and pink flower centered against a wall

White And Pink Flower Centered Against A Wall

parcel and packing scissors on a white background

Parcel And Packing Scissors On A White Background

carving a smiling jackolantern

Carving A Smiling Jackolantern

a bird flies through a quiet street

A Bird Flies Through A Quiet Street

woman rest head on fist

Woman Rest Head On Fist

five hot peppers

Five Hot Peppers

succulent plant cluster close up

Succulent Plant Cluster Close Up

flowers vibrant in the dark

Flowers Vibrant In The Dark

a white and tan dog stares into your soul

A White And Tan Dog Stares Into Your Soul

woman in red strokes a wall of sequin mirrors

Woman In Red Strokes A Wall Of Sequin Mirrors

formal new years fashion and decor

Formal New Years Fashion And Decor

relaxed cat sleeping on sofa

Relaxed Cat Sleeping On Sofa

a pink rose closes its petals against the greying light

A Pink Rose Closes Its Petals Against The Greying Light

worn brown leather bible

Worn Brown Leather Bible

small pumpkin on a black background

Small Pumpkin On A Black Background

power pose

Power Pose

a smiling black and tan dog with floral necktie

A Smiling Black And Tan Dog With Floral Necktie

chess pawns lined up

Chess Pawns Lined Up

woman tries to find her reflection in a wall of mirrors

Woman Tries To Find her Reflection In A Wall of Mirrors

brown and white boxes laid on table

Brown And White Boxes Laid On Table

sun sets in the distance and shines on the water

Sun Sets In The Distance And Shines On The Water

pooch in a tutu

Pooch In A Tutu

stone arches line a hallway dotted with iron lanterns

Stone Arches Line A Hallway Dotted With Iron Lanterns

golden 2019 and smiles

Golden 2019 And Smiles

beautiful homes create a little sun trap between buildings

Beautiful Homes Create A Little Sun Trap Between Buildings

woman wearing pink and black fitness clothing

Woman Wearing Pink and Black Fitness Clothing

branches of a fir tree brave the winter elements

Branches Of A Fir Tree Brave The Winter Elements

news years party guy

News Years Party Guy

spicy  red chili peppers

Spicy Red Chili Peppers

dewy orange rose on pink

Dewy Orange Rose On Pink

silver wrought locks against a blood red door

Silver Wrought Locks Against A Blood Red Door

casual coffee date in warm fall mens fashion

Casual Coffee Date In Warm Fall Mens Fashion

home office with a laptop and film camera on wooden table

Home Office With A Laptop And Film Camera On Wooden Table

a stack of boxes in all different sizes

A Stack Of Boxes In All Different Sizes

woman with hair bunched up in hands

Woman With Hair Bunched Up In Hands