Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2110 photos since September 2017

asexual pride flag painted on leg

Asexual Pride Flag Painted On Leg

young woman with nose piercing

Young Woman With Nose Piercing

eiffel tower at night

Eiffel Tower At Night

happy person wrapped rainbow flag

Happy Person Wrapped Rainbow Flag

a pink rose closes its petals against the greying light

A Pink Rose Closes Its Petals Against The Greying Light

peekaboo! it's me: your fiancee! behind this tree!

Peekaboo! It's Me: Your Fiancee! Behind This Tree!

the door of a historical building catching the light

The Door Of A Historical Building Catching The Light

smiling jack o lantern in woman's lap

Smiling Jack O Lantern In Woman's Lap

dapper dog gentleman with bowtie on black background

Dapper Dog Gentleman With Bowtie On Black Background

young woman in front of shimmering wall

Young Woman In Front Of Shimmering Wall

brass corners on leatherbound book

Brass Corners On Leatherbound Book

golden 2019 and smiles

Golden 2019 And Smiles

drag queen points and poses

Drag Queen Points And Poses

close up of a mug and a book in light

Close Up Of A Mug And A Book In Light

men's luggage accessories and model

Men's Luggage Accessories And Model

green and brown seed on white

Green And Brown Seed On White

a pink rose bursts forth from dark dewy green leaves

A Pink Rose Bursts Forth From Dark Dewy Green Leaves

white feather hanging over a black background

White Feather Hanging Over A Black Background

an ageing white and tan dog

An Ageing White And Tan Dog

laughing women celebrate the new year

Laughing Women Celebrate The New Year

head and hands of a woman float in ball pit

Head And Hands Of A Woman Float In Ball Pit

line of padded envelopes

Line Of Padded Envelopes

glass with a pink drink in it on a white plate

Glass With A Pink Drink In It On A White Plate

tall blonde drag queen fashion

Tall Blonde Drag Queen Fashion

young man fills a box with packing

Young Man Fills A Box With Packing

person holds three ting pumpkins behind their back

Person Holds Three Ting Pumpkins Behind Their Back

pink flowers outside florist

Pink Flowers Outside Florist

a large pink rose and baby buds in grey wet weather

A Large Pink Rose And Baby Buds In Grey Wet Weather

games night stacking tower blocks

Games Night Stacking Tower Blocks

hands hold out flower petals

Hands Hold Out Flower Petals

couple sitting side by side with hands in the laps

Couple Sitting Side By Side With Hands In The Laps

bernese mountain dog with flowers

Bernese Mountain Dog With Flowers

portrait of a wooden cross on black background

Portrait Of A Wooden Cross On Black Background

a man holds out a skull in his palm

A Man Holds Out A Skull In His Palm

last of the leaves holding on to the branch

Last Of The Leaves Holding On To The Branch

new years eve king and queen

New Years Eve King And Queen

men's eyewear fashion

Men's Eyewear Fashion

top view of heart shaped ice cubes in a glass

Top View Of Heart Shaped Ice Cubes In A Glass

pile of hot peppers

Pile Of Hot Peppers

brown and white boxes laid on table

Brown And White Boxes Laid On Table

close up of mushroom texture

Close Up Of Mushroom Texture

boxes and packages on white background

Boxes and Packages On White Background

packages held in the hand

Packages Held In The Hand

blonde haired drag queen lips pursed

Blonde Haired Drag Queen Lips Pursed

a white and tan dog stares into your soul

A White And Tan Dog Stares Into Your Soul

pooch in a tutu

Pooch In A Tutu

woman in red perches on stool

Woman In Red Perches On Stool

getting ready to party

Getting Ready To Party

rooftop city fashion

Rooftop City Fashion

woman lies on patterned blue rug

Woman Lies On Patterned Blue Rug