Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 1795 photos since September 2017

hanukkah gelt and menorah

Hanukkah Gelt And Menorah

brown and white boxes laid on table

Brown And White Boxes Laid On Table

close up of a purple perennial flower

Close Up Of A Purple Perennial Flower

old books in an antique cabinet

Old Books In An Antique Cabinet

a white and tan dog with greying fur

A White And Tan Dog With Greying Fur

laughing together in the snow

Laughing Together In The Snow

a loving look while stood by a tall tree

A Loving Look While Stood By A Tall Tree

blonde woman rests her head on her partner's shoulder

Blonde Woman Rests Her Head On Her Partner's Shoulder

a bleary tan pooch in stares into distance

A Bleary Tan Pooch In Stares Into Distance

peek-a-boo! a couple play behind trees

Peek-a-boo! A Couple Play Behind Trees

three roses against pink

Three Roses Against Pink

reeds flow in the breeze on a cloudy day

Reeds Flow In The Breeze On A Cloudy Day

small gnome with his hand on a camera

Small Gnome With His Hand On A Camera

antique lock showing it's ornate design

Antique Lock Showing It's Ornate Design

arm waving with genderqueer flag

Arm Waving With Genderqueer Flag

lounging brown and white tabby cat

Lounging Brown And White Tabby Cat

menorah and gelt

Menorah And Gelt

terrier on time out

Terrier On Time Out

woman poses with a wall of gumball machines

Woman Poses With A Wall Of Gumball Machines

floral fabric room

Floral Fabric Room

dog poses on couch wearing flowers

Dog Poses On Couch Wearing Flowers

couple laughing over in-jokes on cold park bench

Couple Laughing Over In-Jokes On Cold Park Bench

coy look in blonde drag

Coy Look In Blonde Drag

drag queen in blonde wig poses

Drag Queen In Blonde Wig Poses

urban florist store

Urban Florist Store

a beautifully crafted antique archway

A Beautifully Crafted Antique Archway

woman peering out from a curtain of chains

Woman Peering Out From A Curtain Of Chains

carving a festive jack o lantern

Carving A Festive Jack O Lantern

glamorous pose on pink background

Glamorous Pose On Pink Background

a van with overflowing boxes of fruit and vegetables

A Van With Overflowing Boxes Of Fruit And Vegetables

silver fleur de lys spread against crimson doors

Silver Fleur De Lys Spread Against Crimson Doors

spicy red peppers in a pile

Spicy Red Peppers In A Pile

couple cuddles on a park bench

Couple Cuddles On A Park Bench

red hot peppers in lower frame

Red Hot Peppers In Lower Frame

grey wool mens sweater fall fashion

Grey Wool Mens Sweater Fall Fashion

a couple share a loving look in the park

A Couple Share A Loving Look In The Park

party person

Party Person

2019 fashion

2019 Fashion

ivy eaten house

Ivy Eaten House

a soft pig-pink little rose bud peeks out at grey weather

A Soft Pig-Pink Little Rose Bud Peeks Out At Grey Weather

send in the doggy clown

Send In the Doggy Clown

a black and tan dog with amber eyes in a headscarf

A Black And Tan Dog With Amber Eyes In A Headscarf

half of vintage camera viewed from overhead on wooden table

Half Of Vintage Camera Viewed From Overhead On Wooden Table

two people on a winter walk look lovingly at each other

Two People On A Winter Walk Look Lovingly At Each Other

couple sitting side by side with hands in the laps

Couple Sitting Side By Side With Hands In The Laps

white feather quill laid next to an ink bottle

White Feather Quill Laid Next To An Ink Bottle

tennis racket ready to play

Tennis Racket Ready To Play

drink sat on a book by the pool

Drink Sat On A Book By The Pool

pooch in a tutu

Pooch In A Tutu

branches of a fir tree brave the winter elements

Branches Of A Fir Tree Brave The Winter Elements