Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2110 photos since September 2017

sleeping posing puppy

Sleeping Posing Puppy

hand holding fruit on white

Hand Holding Fruit On White

woman poses near city building

Woman Poses Near City Building

a model kisses rubber ducks in search of her prince charming

A Model Kisses Rubber Ducks In Search Of Her Prince Charming

lavender in a claer glass bottle

Lavender In A Claer Glass Bottle

breakfast for someone special

Breakfast For Someone Special

tab key on typewriter

Tab Key On Typewriter

three red roses in a beam of sunlight

Three Red Roses In A Beam Of Sunlight

woman's hand casts shadow on face

Woman's Hand Casts Shadow On Face

a model in red suit jacket removing sunglasses

A Model In Red Suit Jacket Removing Sunglasses

pink flowers outside florist

Pink Flowers Outside Florist

neon light reflection on window

Neon Light Reflection On Window

hand holds a paint brush to a painting of birch trees

Hand Holds A Paint Brush To A Painting Of Birch Trees

hand holds a brush to canvas painting of birch trees

Hand Holds A Brush To Canvas Painting Of Birch Trees

a black and tan dog with amber eyes in a headscarf

A Black And Tan Dog With Amber Eyes In A Headscarf

snow angels on their backs in laughter

Snow Angels On Their Backs In Laughter

wrapped lgbt flag holding fist up

Wrapped Lgbt Flag Holding Fist Up

person in a pink hoodie walks a farmers field at sunset

Person In A Pink Hoodie Walks A Farmers Field At Sunset

drag queen posing in glittery silver

Drag Queen Posing In Glittery Silver

hands holding fruit and vegetable

Hands Holding Fruit And Vegetable

teddy bear on the grass with a face mask

Teddy Bear On The Grass With A Face Mask

white and pink flower centered against a wall

White And Pink Flower Centered Against A Wall

drag queen runs fingers through wig

Drag Queen Runs Fingers Through Wig

ornate stained glass window

Ornate Stained Glass Window

drag queen owns the sofa

Drag Queen Owns The Sofa

artists colorful paint brush collection laid out

Artists Colorful Paint Brush Collection Laid Out

miniature figurines of people scattered on a white background

Miniature Figurines Of People Scattered On A White Background

two guys celebrating new year's eve

Two Guys Celebrating New Year's Eve

a large pink rose and baby buds in grey wet weather

A Large Pink Rose And Baby Buds In Grey Wet Weather

a greying tan pooch on a chaise-longue

A Greying Tan Pooch On A Chaise-Longue

a bunch of clean makeup brushes together

A Bunch Of Clean Makeup Brushes Together

couple share a moment under snow covered trees

Couple Share A Moment Under Snow Covered Trees

a person with a pallet knife and pallet in their hands

A Person With A Pallet Knife And Pallet In Their Hands

flatlay of clean paint brushes on a black surface

Flatlay Of Clean Paint Brushes On A Black Surface

cookies stacked in two piles on white

Cookies Stacked In Two Piles On White

small pumpkin with long stem ready to be carved

Small Pumpkin With Long Stem Ready To Be Carved

a golden labrador in a necktie

A Golden Labrador In A Necktie

mens fashion near blue and red wall

Mens Fashion Near Blue And Red Wall

three roses in a red glass vase

Three Roses In A Red Glass Vase

person holds a small white pumpkin in their palm

Person Holds A Small White Pumpkin In Their Palm

woman in yoga attire pulling hair back

Woman In Yoga Attire Pulling Hair Back

the petals of this flower cast shadows of purples and pinks

The Petals Of This Flower Cast Shadows Of Purples And Pinks

coffee and shipping: a productive combination

Coffee And Shipping: A Productive Combination

view looks down at a mug filled with paint brushes

View Looks Down At A Mug Filled With Paint Brushes

flowers for sale!

Flowers For Sale!

dapper dog gentleman with bowtie on black background

Dapper Dog Gentleman With Bowtie On Black Background

men's glasses urban fashion

Men's Glasses Urban Fashion

teddy bear with a face mask

Teddy Bear With A Face Mask

ready for a workout

Ready For A Workout

men's luggage accessories and model

Men's Luggage Accessories And Model