Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2045 photos since September 2017

woman makes eye contact through a giant chocolate chip cookie

Woman Makes Eye Contact Through A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

smiling friends clink champagne glasses at midnight

Smiling Friends Clink Champagne Glasses At Midnight

the word help spelled out with plastic miniatures

The Word Help Spelled Out With Plastic Miniatures

female model leans against a wall covered in cookie wallpaper

Female Model Leans Against A Wall Covered In Cookie Wallpaper

happy doggy

Happy Doggy

a look across the sea from a mountain top

A Look Across The Sea From A Mountain Top

moose and gnome meet over pine cones

Moose And Gnome Meet Over Pine Cones

vibrant yellow building under a clear blue sky

Vibrant Yellow Building Under A Clear Blue Sky

silver shoes dancing through confetti

Silver Shoes Dancing Through Confetti

resting after workout

Resting After Workout

ballet pointe shoes on grass

Ballet Pointe Shoes On Grass

side view of old wooden carved cross

Side View Of Old Wooden Carved Cross

smiling jack o lantern in woman's lap

Smiling Jack O Lantern In Woman's Lap

a trio of green candles

A Trio Of Green Candles

arc du triomphe in black and white

Arc Du Triomphe In Black And White

ivy eaten house

Ivy Eaten House

shopper on urban street

Shopper On Urban Street

a regal white dog in a flower bonnet

A Regal White Dog In A Flower Bonnet

drag queen points and poses

Drag Queen Points And Poses

woman wearing black vest poses against orange background

Woman Wearing Black Vest Poses Against Orange Background

fitness model rests against foam roller

Fitness Model Rests Against Foam Roller

the door of a historical building catching the light

The Door Of A Historical Building Catching The Light

two distant lovers in a snowy landscape of geometrical fields

Two Distant Lovers In A Snowy Landscape Of Geometrical Fields

men's glasses urban fashion

Men's Glasses Urban Fashion

cornet instrument in dark room

Cornet Instrument In Dark Room

dj mixing music

DJ Mixing Music

young woman in blue smiling

Young Woman In Blue Smiling

cross-legged yoga pose

Cross-legged Yoga Pose

a white tulip hangs over the bright background

A White Tulip Hangs Over The Bright Background

tattooed woman holds festive jack o lantern

Tattooed Woman Holds Festive Jack O Lantern

woman crouched down in front of giant cookie display

Woman Crouched Down In Front Of Giant Cookie Display

blonde haired drag queen lips pursed

Blonde Haired Drag Queen Lips Pursed

hands working with denim material

Hands Working With Denim Material

young man fills a box with packing

Young Man Fills A Box With Packing

hand placed on flower petals

Hand Placed On Flower Petals

kiss under a tree

Kiss Under A Tree

lounging brown and white tabby cat

Lounging Brown And White Tabby Cat

a dog that looks like chewbacca on a sofa

A Dog That Looks Like Chewbacca On A Sofa

hands measuring and building

Hands Measuring And Building

excited trans man ready to celebrate pride

Excited Trans Man Ready To Celebrate Pride

couple share a moment under snow covered trees

Couple Share A Moment Under Snow Covered Trees

new years eve king and queen

New Years Eve King And Queen

strong indian woman

Strong Indian Woman

happy person wrapped rainbow flag

Happy Person Wrapped Rainbow Flag

two juicy orange slices against red background

Two Juicy Orange Slices Against Red Background

yoga pants and scrunchies

Yoga Pants And Scrunchies

spicy red peppers in a pile

Spicy Red Peppers In A Pile

blonde wig hair flip drag queen fashion

Blonde Wig Hair Flip Drag Queen Fashion

drink sat on a book by the pool

Drink Sat On A Book By The Pool

chess pawns lined up

Chess Pawns Lined Up