Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

a slice of field in the snowy landscape

A Slice Of Field In The Snowy Landscape

love heart and petals

Love Heart And Petals

sitting in the bath in a yellow room

Sitting In The Bath In A Yellow Room

dark mens fashion mock turtle neck

Dark Mens Fashion Mock Turtle Neck

pink flowers outside florist

Pink Flowers Outside Florist

scrunchies on wrist

Scrunchies On Wrist

packaging box in shadows

Packaging Box In Shadows

the sea crashing into shore on a sunny day

The Sea Crashing Into Shore On A Sunny Day

lady in red with a mirror sequin backdrop

Lady In Red With A Mirror Sequin Backdrop

carving a tiny pumpkin for halloween

Carving A Tiny Pumpkin For Halloween

spiky purple flower ball

Spiky Purple Flower Ball

wildflowers reach for sun

Wildflowers Reach For Sun

pair of glasses on a bed

Pair Of Glasses On A Bed

female model poses and reads

Female Model Poses And Reads

small pot filled with dirt and a few sprouts on blue

Small Pot Filled With Dirt And A Few Sprouts On Blue

flatlay of clean paint brushes on a black surface

Flatlay Of Clean Paint Brushes On A Black Surface

person grips glass cutters to trim a small piece of blue glass

Person Grips Glass Cutters To Trim A Small Piece Of Blue Glass

plate of summer fruit with drink and an open book

Plate Of Summer Fruit With Drink And An Open Book

hand holds up a bright beach ball

Hand Holds Up A Bright Beach Ball

a human skull floats

A Human Skull Floats

toy clown doll sits on mirror

Toy Clown Doll Sits On Mirror

statues in a fountain

Statues In A Fountain

the perfect red tomato

The Perfect Red Tomato

white and purple tulips in a vase

White And Purple Tulips In A Vase

hand holds a paint brush to a painting of birch trees

Hand Holds A Paint Brush To A Painting Of Birch Trees

flatlay of makeup on a round white plate

Flatlay Of Makeup On A Round White Plate

ornate lock on antique cabinet

Ornate Lock On Antique Cabinet

profile of a woman with her hair in a scrunchie bun

Profile Of A Woman With Her Hair In A Scrunchie Bun

orange paper hearts on sticks planted in green grass

Orange Paper Hearts On Sticks Planted In Green Grass

church organ pipes

Church Organ Pipes

hand reaching up with soccer ball

Hand Reaching Up With Soccer Ball

drag queen poses in marilyn munroe coordinates

Drag Queen Poses In Marilyn Munroe Coordinates

close up of a hand using an exfoliator against skin

Close Up Of A Hand Using An Exfoliator Against Skin

lying on the floor smiling

Lying On The Floor Smiling

a cold glass of orange juice

A Cold Glass Of Orange Juice

casual mens fashion in urban back yard

Casual Mens Fashion In Urban Back Yard

torso of a person in a green shirt against blue background

Torso Of A Person In A Green Shirt Against Blue Background

music on a summer day picnic

Music On A Summer Day Picnic

resting on the bath surrounded by bath time friends

Resting On The Bath Surrounded By Bath Time Friends

view looks down at a mug filled with paint brushes

View Looks Down At A Mug Filled With Paint Brushes

gold menorah home decor ornament

Gold Menorah Home Decor Ornament

dapper friends hanging out at a party

Dapper Friends Hanging Out At A Party

fitness model with hand on hip

Fitness Model With Hand On Hip

drag queen poses in professional outift

Drag Queen Poses In Professional Outift

artist adds white to their painting of birch trees

Artist Adds White To Their Painting Of Birch Trees

grey poodle dog tilting head

Grey Poodle Dog Tilting Head

fun summer fashion in the city

Fun Summer Fashion In The City

flatlay of a open book surrounded by fresh fruit on white silk

Flatlay Of A Open Book Surrounded By Fresh Fruit On White Silk

a person with a pallet knife and pallet in their hands

A Person With A Pallet Knife And Pallet In Their Hands

casual mens fashion at diner table

Casual Mens Fashion At Diner Table