Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

dark mens fashion mock turtle neck

Dark Mens Fashion Mock Turtle Neck

close up of a silver can pouring golden liquid

Close Up Of A Silver Can Pouring Golden Liquid

beach scene under cloudy sky

Beach Scene Under Cloudy Sky

hands cup a small orange pumpkin

Hands Cup A Small Orange Pumpkin

casual sweater and jeans mens fashion

Casual Sweater And Jeans Mens Fashion

formal fashion modern decor

Formal Fashion Modern Decor

drag queen poses in marilyn munroe coordinates

Drag Queen Poses In Marilyn Munroe Coordinates

hand holding fruit on white

Hand Holding Fruit On White

fitness model stretches pre-workout

Fitness Model Stretches Pre-Workout

portrait of boxes and packages

Portrait Of Boxes And Packages

off camera cheers

Off Camera Cheers

battling knights on a chess board

Battling Knights On A Chess Board

sneakers and leggings

Sneakers And Leggings

man poses in light by vines

Man Poses In Light By Vines

flower shop front

Flower Shop Front

hand reaching up with soccer ball

Hand Reaching Up With Soccer Ball

smokey puff

Smokey Puff

spicy red peppers in a pile

Spicy Red Peppers In A Pile

a picnic outdoors with a novel fresh figs and chocolate

A Picnic Outdoors With A Novel Fresh Figs And Chocolate

hand grips a dumbbell against a vibrant red background

Hand Grips A Dumbbell Against A Vibrant Red Background

woman in yoga pants holding a single flower

Woman In Yoga Pants Holding A Single Flower

woman in glasses with long braids

Woman In Glasses With Long Braids

opening champagne bottle

Opening Champagne Bottle

woman sitting on wooden chair

Woman Sitting On Wooden Chair

music on a summer day picnic

Music On A Summer Day Picnic

smiling friends clink champagne glasses at midnight

Smiling Friends Clink Champagne Glasses At Midnight

woman in yoga attire pulling hair back

Woman In Yoga Attire Pulling Hair Back

rainbow ring on hand holding softball

Rainbow Ring On Hand Holding Softball

soccer ball in hand at park

Soccer Ball In Hand At Park

angry stone statues

Angry Stone Statues

old buildings casting lines down to the water below

Old Buildings Casting Lines Down To The Water Below

artists colorful paint brush collection laid out

Artists Colorful Paint Brush Collection Laid Out

person holds up paper sitting at a desk

Person Holds Up Paper Sitting At A Desk

lying on the floor smiling

Lying On The Floor Smiling

couple shares a loving look near a tall tree

Couple Shares A Loving Look Near A Tall Tree

sitting in the bath in a yellow room

Sitting In The Bath In A Yellow Room

resting after workout

Resting After Workout

wildflowers reach for sun

Wildflowers Reach For Sun

carving a tiny pumpkin for halloween

Carving A Tiny Pumpkin For Halloween

hand picks from scattered flower petals

Hand Picks From Scattered Flower Petals

pink roses and white daisies outside a flower shop

Pink Roses And White Daisies Outside A Flower Shop

packaging box in shadows

Packaging Box In Shadows

hand holds a yellow paint brush to a painting of trees

Hand Holds A Yellow Paint Brush To A Painting Of Trees

a slice of field in the snowy landscape

A Slice Of Field In The Snowy Landscape

female model poses and reads

Female Model Poses And Reads

lady in red with a mirror sequin backdrop

Lady In Red With A Mirror Sequin Backdrop

a human skull floats

A Human Skull Floats

fun summer fashion in the city

Fun Summer Fashion In The City

gift box & curly ribbon

Gift Box & Curly Ribbon

casual mens fashion in urban back yard

Casual Mens Fashion In Urban Back Yard