Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

back and white fashion for fall

Back And White Fashion For Fall

potted succulent on pink background

Potted Succulent On Pink Background

pink light on windows and doors

Pink Light On Windows And Doors

a view of the sea from a rocky cliff side

A View Of The Sea From A Rocky Cliff Side

looking at waist viewfinder of a medium format camera

Looking At Waist Viewfinder Of A Medium Format Camera

pink flowers outside florist

Pink Flowers Outside Florist

torso of a person wearing white shirt product mockup

Torso Of A Person Wearing White Shirt Product Mockup

couple gaze into each other's eyes

Couple Gaze Into Each Other's Eyes

tasty treats for photos

Tasty Treats For Photos

gummy sweets on white fabric

Gummy Sweets On White Fabric

woman in yoga pants holding a single flower

Woman In Yoga Pants Holding A Single Flower

relaxed cat sleeping on sofa

Relaxed Cat Sleeping On Sofa

flamingos and palm leaves adorn a wall

Flamingos And Palm Leaves Adorn A Wall

bright red autumn leaves

Bright Red Autumn Leaves

arc du triomphe in black and white

Arc Du Triomphe In Black And White

monochrome close up of feathers

Monochrome Close Up Of Feathers

holding softball in grassy park

Holding Softball In Grassy Park

young woman with nose piercing

Young Woman With Nose Piercing

pink and black leggings

Pink and Black Leggings

diner table with water glasses

Diner Table With Water Glasses

yellow stone fruit on a white background

Yellow Stone Fruit On A White Background

monochrome photo of a person painting on an easel

Monochrome Photo Of A Person Painting On An Easel

a woman in a red dress sits and ponders a wall of mirrors

A Woman In A Red Dress Sits And Ponders A Wall Of Mirrors

softball in palm held to camera

Softball In Palm Held To Camera

androgynous person waving trans pride flag portrait

Androgynous Person Waving Trans Pride Flag Portrait

couple laugh together in the snow

Couple Laugh Together In The Snow

sharing a smile for the camera in a winter scene

Sharing A Smile For The Camera In A Winter Scene

model poses in green and looks to side

Model Poses In Green And Looks To Side

novel lays open under a cloth parasol on a picnic blanket

Novel Lays Open Under A Cloth Parasol On A Picnic Blanket

grassy fiels with armed toy soldiers

Grassy Fiels With Armed Toy Soldiers

fiddle and bow on blue

Fiddle And Bow On Blue

roses on a silver tray sit upon a bed

Roses On A Silver Tray Sit Upon A Bed

close up of virbrant white orchids on black

Close Up Of Virbrant White Orchids On Black

love is in the ink

Love Is in the Ink

rooftop city fashion

Rooftop City Fashion

plate of summer fruit with drink and an open book

Plate Of Summer Fruit With Drink And An Open Book

torso of a person in a dark blue shirt facing right

Torso Of A Person In A Dark Blue Shirt Facing Right

a model gazes into her makeup mirror

A Model Gazes Into Her Makeup Mirror

good book and a stiff drink

Good Book And A Stiff Drink

a greying chihuahua in a denim jacket

A Greying Chihuahua In A Denim Jacket

white silk sheet with fresh fruit in the middle of it

White Silk Sheet With Fresh Fruit In The Middle Of It

a glass jar with red chili peppers falling out of it

A Glass Jar With Red Chili Peppers Falling Out Of It

cheese shop

Cheese Shop

couple shared moment in the woods

Couple Shared Moment In The Woods

a van with overflowing boxes of fruit and vegetables

A Van With Overflowing Boxes Of Fruit And Vegetables

pink tulip and its green leaves against dark red background

Pink Tulip And Its Green Leaves Against Dark Red Background

bright flatlay of a makeup pallet and other items

Bright Flatlay Of A Makeup Pallet And Other Items

package handled with care

Package Handled With Care

a line up of chess pieces

A Line Up Of Chess Pieces

microphone for christmas carols

Microphone For Christmas Carols