Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

a flatlay of packages on white table

A Flatlay Of Packages On White Table

a view of the sea from a rocky cliff side

A View Of The Sea From A Rocky Cliff Side

young woman in blue smiling

Young Woman In Blue Smiling

cheese shop

Cheese Shop

relaxing brown and white tabby

Relaxing Brown And White Tabby

novel lays on a pink background with a tulip on side it

Novel Lays On A Pink Background With A Tulip On Side It

photo in first person perspective of a person reading a novel

Photo In First Person Perspective Of A Person Reading A Novel

cards and gifts for mom

Cards And Gifts For Mom

snow wheels in fields

Snow Wheels In Fields

young woman stands by a wall of rubber ducks

Young Woman Stands By A Wall Of Rubber Ducks

a line up of chess pieces

A Line Up Of Chess Pieces

woman sits up in a yellow bath

Woman Sits Up In A Yellow Bath

carefully placing a package into packing peanuts

Carefully Placing A Package Into Packing Peanuts

a film reel lays flat catching the sunlight

A Film Reel Lays Flat Catching The Sunlight

three roses in a glass

Three Roses In A Glass

couple laugh together in the snow

Couple Laugh Together In The Snow

person in pink walks in a field of small corn plants

Person In Pink Walks In A Field Of Small Corn Plants

monochrome close up of feathers

Monochrome Close Up Of Feathers

love heart card

Love Heart Card

king and queen protected pawns

King And Queen Protected Pawns

woman in red sits in corner against walls of mirrors

Woman In Red Sits In Corner Against Walls Of Mirrors

harp instrument close up

Harp Instrument Close Up

woman in white shirt and red skirt against cloth backdrop

Woman In White Shirt And Red Skirt Against Cloth Backdrop

hands reaching in to play games

Hands Reaching In To Play Games

female model leans against a wall covered in cookie wallpaper

Female Model Leans Against A Wall Covered In Cookie Wallpaper

relaxed cat sleeping on sofa

Relaxed Cat Sleeping On Sofa

a small white terrier looking stylish

A Small White Terrier Looking Stylish

man in red evening wear

Man In Red Evening Wear

books on sofa in sunbeam

Books On Sofa In Sunbeam

softball in grass

Softball In Grass

pink and black leggings

Pink and Black Leggings

a couple holding hands stands in the snow

A Couple Holding Hands Stands In The Snow

fitness model rests against foam roller

Fitness Model Rests Against Foam Roller

long brown hair and overalls

Long Brown Hair And Overalls

two large jars of dried lemon slices

Two Large Jars Of Dried Lemon Slices

yoga ready

Yoga Ready

warm smiling love

Warm Smiling Love

a person adding glass to their mosaic of flowers

A Person Adding Glass To Their Mosaic Of Flowers

woman with arms outstretched into gumball machines

Woman With Arms Outstretched Into Gumball Machines

holding hands in the snow

Holding hands In The Snow

cheers to lady friends

Cheers To Lady Friends

modern man in suit and glasses

Modern Man In Suit And Glasses

softball pitcher prepares

Softball Pitcher Prepares

visitors walking through the hall of mirrors

Visitors Walking Through The Hall Of Mirrors

a woman in a red dress sits and ponders a wall of mirrors

A Woman In A Red Dress Sits And Ponders A Wall Of Mirrors

old wooden cross on blue background

Old Wooden Cross On Blue Background

two men observe a party from the sidelines

Two Men Observe A Party From The Sidelines

autumn fashion on man with glasses

Autumn Fashion On Man With Glasses

a beautiful chess set mid-game

A Beautiful Chess Set Mid-Game

dressed to impress in front of reflective wall

Dressed To Impress In Front Of Reflective Wall