Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2110 photos since September 2017

woman in red dress rests elbows against wall of mirrors

Woman In Red Dress Rests Elbows Against Wall Of Mirrors

black and white image of an eskimo kiss

Black And White Image Of A Kiss

boxes waiting for pickup

Boxes Waiting For Pickup

softball pitcher prepares

Softball Pitcher Prepares

a greying chihuahua in a denim jacket

A Greying Chihuahua In A Denim Jacket

champagne toast at a formal party

Champagne Toast At A Formal Party

lying on the floor smiling

Lying On The Floor Smiling

folk music instruments

Folk Music Instruments

person ruffling their hair portrait

Person Ruffling Their Hair Portrait

yellow lights illuminate the eiffel tower at night

Yellow Lights Illuminate The Eiffel Tower At Night

couple shared moment in the woods

Couple Shared Moment In The Woods

person wearing rainbow pride flag

Person Wearing Rainbow Pride Flag

package handled with care

Package Handled With Care

classic antique toy double decker bus

Classic Antique Toy Double Decker Bus

women standing against trees

Women Standing Against Trees

pointing up in formal fashion

Pointing Up In Formal Fashion

music on a summer day picnic

Music On A Summer Day Picnic

a dragonfly sits on the tip of a leaf

A Dragonfly Sits On The Tip Of A Leaf

first sign of new growth

First Sign Of New Growth

a french bulldog in spectacles

A French Bulldog In Spectacles

maple branch changing color

Maple Branch Changing Color

hands hold out film negatives to view them over a wooden desk

Hands Hold Out Film Negatives To View Them Over A Wooden Desk

cheers to lady friends

Cheers To Lady Friends

woman in blue yoga attire on blue rug

Woman In Blue Yoga Attire On Blue Rug

drag queen smirks in silver robe

Drag Queen Smirks In Silver Robe

pumpkin patch at harvest

Pumpkin Patch At Harvest

a couple hold hands while walking through the snow

A Couple Hold Hands While Walking Through The Snow

woman makes the hand heart gesture while covered styrofoam balls

Woman Makes The Hand Heart Gesture While Covered Styrofoam Balls

packaging box in shadows

Packaging Box In Shadows

violin instrument neck and tuning pegs

Violin Instrument Neck And Tuning Pegs

minimal flower petals on white

Minimal Flower Petals On White

casual mens fashion on rooftop

Casual Mens Fashion On Rooftop

battling toy soldiers

Battling Toy Soldiers

white mediterranean buildings splashed with color

White Mediterranean Buildings Splashed With Color

a woman stands in an art gallery in front of paintings

A Woman Stands In An Art Gallery In Front Of Paintings

sunlit haven in the city

Sunlit Haven In The City

antique boxing gloves in hand

Antique Boxing Gloves In Hand

resting on the bath surrounded by bath time friends

Resting On The Bath Surrounded By Bath Time Friends

tree trunks & changing leaves

Tree Trunks & Changing Leaves

autumn fashion on man with glasses

Autumn Fashion On Man With Glasses

warm smiling love

Warm Smiling Love

young and confident women cheers

Young and Confident Women Cheers

childs toy clown on blue

Childs Toy Clown On Blue

a grinning bronze-coloured dog

A Grinning Bronze-Coloured Dog

champagne cheers with well-dressed couple

Champagne Cheers With Well-Dressed Couple

colorful flowers blooming below historical building

Colorful Flowers Blooming Below Historical Building

puppy adores it's person

Puppy Adores It's Person

friendly man smiling and looking to the side

Friendly Man Smiling And Looking To The Side

card gift and art for mom

Card Gift And Art For Mom

woman with arms outstretched into gumball machines

Woman With Arms Outstretched Into Gumball Machines