Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 1800 photos since September 2017

a french bulldog in spectacles

A French Bulldog In Spectacles

yellow lights illuminate the eiffel tower at night

Yellow Lights Illuminate The Eiffel Tower At Night

cactus close up in green

Cactus Close Up In Green

cheers and hugs for new years

Cheers And Hugs For New Years

boxes and packages arranged on background

Boxes And Packages Arranged On Background

sparkly blue one piece on drag performer

Sparkly Blue One Piece On Drag Performer

model leaning against a wall of lights atop red shag carpet

Model Leaning Against A Wall Of Lights Atop Red Shag Carpet

woman in a cloud of confetti

Woman In A Cloud Of Confetti

typewriter on trunk

Typewriter On Trunk

woman in red sits in corner against walls of mirrors

Woman In Red Sits In Corner Against Walls Of Mirrors

young and confident women cheers

Young and Confident Women Cheers

wild daisies in field

Wild Daisies In Field

young man in neon lights

Young Man In Neon Lights

crafted moose and wood box of pinecones

Crafted Moose And Wood Box Of Pinecones

her silver shoes nestle amongst the confetti

Her Silver Shoes Nestle Amongst The Confetti

formal mens portrait

Formal Mens Portrait

casual urban mens fashion jeans

Casual Urban Mens Fashion Jeans

summer record shopping in city

Summer Record Shopping In City

package handled with care

Package Handled With Care

softball pitcher prepares

Softball Pitcher Prepares

curtains hang from several window openings

Curtains Hang From Several Window Openings

person wearing rainbow pride flag

Person Wearing Rainbow Pride Flag

black and white image of an eskimo kiss

Black And White Image Of A Kiss

woman in red dress poses in heart display

Woman In Red Dress Poses In Heart Display

a wise looking gnome surrounded by chess pieces

A Wise Looking Gnome Surrounded By Chess Pieces

illuminated paint brush on orange

Illuminated Paint Brush On Orange

the party ends here

The Party Ends Here

female model poses and reads

Female Model Poses And Reads

color-matched workout clothes

Color-matched Workout Clothes

cross with carved figure on black background

Cross With Carved Figure On Black Background

small couch dog

Small Couch Dog

woman sits up in a yellow bath

Woman Sits Up In A Yellow Bath

old wooden cross on black background

Old Wooden Cross On Black Background

grass and snow converge in a circle of love

Grass And Snow Converge In A Circle Of Love

mens formal wear and fashion

Mens Formal Wear And Fashion

person draped in pride flag gazing into a bright future

Person Draped In Pride Flag Gazing Into A Bright Future

profile of a red gnome against light blue

Profile Of A Red Gnome Against Light Blue

house plant enjoys natural light

House Plant Enjoys Natural Light

warm smiling love

Warm Smiling Love

hug on a log

Hug On A Log

person ruffling their hair portrait

Person Ruffling Their Hair Portrait

casual sweater and jeans mens fashion

Casual Sweater And Jeans Mens Fashion

dark mens fashion mock turtle neck

Dark Mens Fashion Mock Turtle Neck

back and white fashion for fall

Back And White Fashion For Fall

hide and seek in a frosty forest

Hide And Seek In A Frosty Forest

couple holding hands with trans pride flags

Couple Holding Hands With Trans Pride Flags

hand made moose pinecone decoration

Hand Made Moose Pinecone Decoration

female model poses in front of gumball machine covered walls

Female Model Poses In Front Of Gumball Machine Covered Walls

woman with arms outstretched into gumball machines

Woman With Arms Outstretched Into Gumball Machines

autumn warm mens fashion

Autumn Warm Mens Fashion