Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

woman in red perches on stool

Woman In Red Perches On Stool

candy canes spell merry

Candy Canes Spell Merry

sporadically placed flowers on white

Sporadically Placed Flowers On White

blue barn in a green field with a large sky

Blue Barn In A Green Field With A Large Sky

ripe strawberry cut in half on a white surface

Ripe Strawberry Cut In Half On A White Surface

formal party cheers and smiles

Formal Party Cheers And Smiles

a pink and white flower blossoming in a jar

A Pink And White Flower Blossoming In A Jar

flatlay of boxes on left side of table

Flatlay Of Boxes On Left Side Of Table

person holds a wooden exfoliator against their leg

Person Holds A Wooden Exfoliator Against Their Leg

close up of a blue crystal floating

Close Up Of A Blue Crystal Floating

smiling mom and children

Smiling Mom And Children

aerial view of a small coastal town

Aerial View Of A Small Coastal Town

long dark hair and green dress fashion

Long Dark Hair And Green Dress Fashion

formal mens portrait

Formal Mens Portrait

wallflowers cheers to the room

Wallflowers Cheers To The Room

women poses in yoga attire

Women Poses In Yoga Attire

a roll of film reel curls out of a hand

A Roll Of Film Reel Curls Out Of A Hand

modern male fashion with glasses

Modern Male Fashion With Glasses

casual business mens fashion

Casual Business Mens Fashion

champagne cheers with well-dressed couple

Champagne Cheers With Well-Dressed Couple

kids do artwork for mom

Kids Do Artwork For Mom

packing materials piled up on floor

Packing Materials Piled Up On Floor

geraniums in bloom with frame

Geraniums In Bloom With Frame

burnt orange and red japenese maple branches in morning light

Burnt Orange And Red Japenese Maple Branches In Morning Light

relaxed in orange

Relaxed In Orange

a french bulldog in spectacles

A French Bulldog In Spectacles

her silver shoes nestle amongst the confetti

Her Silver Shoes Nestle Amongst The Confetti

woman poses by brick wall in overalls

Woman Poses By Brick Wall In Overalls

purple perennial flowers blossoming

Purple Perennial Flowers Blossoming

puppy adores it's person

Puppy Adores It's Person

summer afternoon flatlay

Summer Afternoon Flatlay

bunches of japanese maple leaves layered over sky in soft focus

Bunches Of Japanese Maple Leaves Layered Over Sky In Soft Focus

woman wearing pink and black fitness clothing

Woman Wearing Pink and Black Fitness Clothing

holiday candy canes with decor

Holiday Candy Canes With Decor

woman uses a jade face roller on her cheekbones

Woman Uses A Jade Face Roller On Her Cheekbones

women standing against trees

Women Standing Against Trees

person holds a small white pumpkin in their palm

Person Holds A Small White Pumpkin In Their Palm

classic american football

Classic American Football

a subtle smile for the camera

A Subtle Smile For The Camera

woman with arms outstretched into gumball machines

Woman With Arms Outstretched Into Gumball Machines

formal party surprise

Formal Party Surprise

classic antique toy double decker bus

Classic Antique Toy Double Decker Bus

cheers and hugs for new years

Cheers And Hugs For New Years

sparkly blue one piece on drag performer

Sparkly Blue One Piece On Drag Performer

champagne toast at a formal party

Champagne Toast At A Formal Party

camera looks down at a persons afternoon summer picnic

Camera Looks Down At A Persons Afternoon Summer Picnic

woman chills on yoga mat

Woman Chills On Yoga Mat

candy canes in crystal glass

Candy Canes In Crystal Glass

deal of a lifetime!

Deal Of A Lifetime!

colorful confetti falling over party goer

Colorful Confetti Falling Over Party Goer