Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

portrait of men in festive suits

Portrait Of Men In Festive Suits

cheers and laughter group

Cheers And Laughter Group

champagne toast at a formal party

Champagne Toast At A Formal Party

dj in action making music

DJ In Action Making Music

ripe strawberry cut in half on a white surface

Ripe Strawberry Cut In Half On A White Surface

woman in a white shirt puts her hair up with scrunchies

Woman In A White Shirt Puts Her Hair Up With Scrunchies

off camera cheers

Off Camera Cheers

the queen is captured, the chess game is over

The Queen Is Captured, The Chess Game Is Over

afternoon reading in the park

Afternoon Reading In The Park

mens fall fashion by red wall

Mens Fall Fashion By Red Wall

close up of a white sheets and pillow on a cozy bed

Close Up Of A White Sheets And Pillow On A Cozy Bed

trunk and typewriter in the dark

Trunk And Typewriter In The Dark

woman stretches in yoga flow

Woman Stretches In Yoga Flow

musical instruments for folk music

Musical Instruments For Folk Music

young woman in blue brushing hair back

Young Woman In Blue Brushing Hair Back

singer on stage holds mic

Singer On Stage Holds Mic

container of green under eye patches

Container Of Green Under Eye Patches

steaming cup of black coffee sits on a kitchen counter

Steaming Cup Of Black Coffee Sits On A Kitchen Counter

orange you ready for a workout?

Orange You Ready For A Workout?

relaxed in orange

Relaxed In Orange

shiny trumpet musical instrument with valves and mouthpiece

Shiny Trumpet Musical Instrument With Valves And Mouthpiece

woman in red sits in corner against walls of mirrors

Woman In Red Sits In Corner Against Walls Of Mirrors

young woman stands in front of reflection

Young Woman Stands In Front Of Reflection

woman in yellow stands before a wall of rubber ducks

Woman In Yellow Stands Before A Wall Of Rubber Ducks

tennis racket ready to play

Tennis Racket Ready To Play

a subtle smile for the camera

A Subtle Smile For The Camera

two dumbells and a foam roller on a wooden table

Two Dumbells And A Foam Roller On A Wooden Table

tiara placed on the head

Tiara Placed On The Head

breakfast in white crisp bed sheets

Breakfast In White Crisp Bed Sheets

novel lays open on a blue linen blanket

Novel Lays Open On A Blue Linen Blanket

white silk fabric with a glass of lemon water and fresh fruit

White Silk Fabric With A Glass Of Lemon Water And Fresh Fruit

love on a bench

Love On A Bench

dark shirt mens fashion

Dark Shirt Mens Fashion

the perfect red tomato

The Perfect Red Tomato

lush rose bushes

Lush Rose Bushes

plastic toy cow walks through play field

Plastic Toy Cow Walks Through Play Field

smoke from candlesticks blown out

Smoke From Candlesticks Blown Out

a french bulldog looks intellectual in reading glasses

A French Bulldog Looks Intellectual In Reading Glasses

puppy adores it's person

Puppy Adores It's Person

casual softball pitcher

Casual Softball Pitcher

looking up and down

Looking Up And Down

artist paint brushes on a black surface

Artist Paint Brushes On A Black Surface

woman poses by brick wall in overalls

Woman Poses By Brick Wall In Overalls

red hot chili peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers

couple touching noses

Couple Touching Noses

a decanter and croissants on a silver tray

A Decanter And Croissants On A Silver Tray

one last package dropped onto the stack

One Last Package Dropped Onto The Stack

three roses against pink

Three Roses Against Pink

classic american football

Classic American Football

woman sits next to a giant cookie in a cookie-themed room

Woman Sits Next To A Giant Cookie In A Cookie-Themed Room