Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2110 photos since September 2017

red and green gooseberries against white

Red And Green Gooseberries Against White

little dog big flowers

Little Dog Big Flowers

woman catches her reflection in a wall of mirrors

Woman Catches Her Reflection In A Wall Of Mirrors

hands hold out film negatives to view them over a wooden desk

Hands Hold Out Film Negatives To View Them Over A Wooden Desk

holiday candy canes with decor

Holiday Candy Canes With Decor

black and white image of an eskimo kiss

Black And White Image Of A Kiss

santa claus decoration

Santa Claus Decoration

woman rolls yoga mat

Woman Rolls Yoga Mat

antique books on a library shelf

Antique Books On A Library Shelf

snow boots

Snow Boots

plastic toy cow walks through play field

Plastic Toy Cow Walks Through Play Field

daisy flowers in field

Daisy Flowers In Field

delicate tree blossoms

Delicate Tree Blossoms

cheers and hugs for new years

Cheers And Hugs For New Years

white lilies in beam of light

White Lilies In Beam Of Light

young man in front of neon lights

Young Man In Front Of Neon Lights

downward hands hold out flower petals

Downward Hands Hold Out Flower Petals

mom and children on sofa

Mom And Children On Sofa

young businessman on steps

Young Businessman On Steps

champagne cheers with well-dressed couple

Champagne Cheers With Well-Dressed Couple

large pink peony flowers

Large Pink Peony Flowers

couple holds each other and share a smile

Couple Holds Each Other And Share A Smile

casual talking at restaurant table

Casual Talking At Restaurant Table

evergreen branches close up

Evergreen Branches Close Up

dj making music on mixer

DJ Making Music On Mixer

person holds a pumpkin behind their back

Person Holds A Pumpkin Behind Their Back

comfy chocolate

Comfy Chocolate

mens formal red tuxedo

Mens Formal Red Tuxedo

christmas holiday festive decor

Christmas Holiday Festive Decor

a romantic tray of roses and breakfast

A Romantic Tray Of Roses And Breakfast

women standing against trees

Women Standing Against Trees

scooping guts out of a pumpkin

Scooping Guts Out Of A Pumpkin

woman meditates

Woman Meditates

wallflowers cheers to the room

Wallflowers Cheers To The Room

hand holding up red paint brush

Hand Holding Up Red Paint Brush

colorful confetti falling over party goer

Colorful Confetti Falling Over Party Goer

model in dark glasses

Model In Dark Glasses

woman poses by brick wall in overalls

Woman Poses By Brick Wall In Overalls

formal party cheers and smiles

Formal Party Cheers And Smiles

harp instrument tuning pins and levers

Harp Instrument Tuning Pins And Levers

toy soldier goes to war

Toy Soldier Goes To War

a husky in a necktie

A Husky In A Necktie

push, point, pow!

Push, Point, POW!

we made it to the new year!

We Made It To The New Year!

a woman stands in an art gallery in front of paintings

A Woman Stands In An Art Gallery In Front Of Paintings

smiling mom and children

Smiling Mom And Children

glass with a pink drink in it on a white plate

Glass With A Pink Drink In It On A White Plate

woman holds her hair in her hands

Woman Holds Her Hair In Her Hands

rolls of exposed 35mm film catch the sunlight

Rolls Of Exposed 35mm Film Catch The Sunlight

my leg's asleep!

My Leg's Asleep!