Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 1800 photos since September 2017

two women talk at a classy party

Two Women Talk At A Classy Party

microphone for christmas carols

Microphone For Christmas Carols

casual business mens fashion

Casual Business Mens Fashion

a curly brown-haired dog in a red bow tie

A Curly Brown-Haired Dog In A Red Bow tie

violin instrument neck and tuning pegs

Violin Instrument Neck And Tuning Pegs

color in dark place

Color In Dark Place

doodle dog mouth

Doodle Dog Mouth

woman wraps herself in silver and gold metallic streamers

Woman Wraps Herself In Silver And Gold Metallic Streamers

holding softball in grassy park

Holding Softball In Grassy Park

two women laugh in the snow

Two Women Laugh In the Snow

conversation between friends at a party

Conversation Between Friends At A Party

off camera cheers

Off Camera Cheers

soccer ball in hand at park

Soccer Ball In Hand At Park

softball in the palm of your hand

Softball In The Palm Of Your Hand

tree trunks & changing leaves

Tree Trunks & Changing Leaves

young women in formal fashion

Young Women In Formal Fashion

arm reaches out holding softball

Arm Reaches Out Holding Softball

a flower shows it's pink petals against a white wall

A Flower Shows It's Pink Petals Against A White Wall

woman catches her reflection in a wall of mirrors

Woman Catches Her Reflection In A Wall Of Mirrors

boxes waiting for pickup

Boxes Waiting For Pickup

dj making music on mixer

DJ Making Music On Mixer

man in a party hat

Man In A Party Hat

classy couple pose

Classy Couple Pose

a model in summery clothes

A Model In Summery Clothes

portrait of an androgynous person smiling

Portrait Of An Androgynous Person Smiling

model wears glasses and stares into the light

Model Wears Glasses And Stares Into The Light

watch ring and softball

Watch Ring And Softball

chess board with fallen pieces

Chess Board With Fallen Pieces

woman poses against a wall of gumball machines

Woman Poses Against A Wall Of Gumball Machines

woman poses in the corner of a room of mirrors

Woman Poses In The Corner Of A Room Of Mirrors

bicycle and vines

Bicycle And Vines

grassy fiels with armed toy soldiers

Grassy Fiels With Armed Toy Soldiers

softball in palm held to camera

Softball In Palm Held To Camera

a walk through a lush path

A Walk Through A Lush Path

a decanter and matching cups on a silver tray

A Decanter And Matching Cups On A Silver Tray

mens casual fashion denim and sneakers

Mens Casual Fashion Denim And Sneakers

folk music instruments

Folk Music Instruments

turquoise smoke

Turquoise Smoke

medium shot of female yoga outfit

Medium Shot Of Female Yoga Outfit

bright romantic bed and drinks

Bright Romantic Bed And Drinks

couple holds each other and share a smile

Couple Holds Each Other And Share A Smile

woman in glasses with long braids

Woman In Glasses With Long Braids

pumpkin patch at harvest

Pumpkin Patch At Harvest

young woman checking her notes

Young Woman Checking Her Notes

antique boxing gloves in hand

Antique Boxing Gloves In Hand

wildflowers reach for sun

Wildflowers Reach For Sun

snow boots

Snow Boots

female friends cheers

Female Friends Cheers

cheers and laughter group

Cheers And Laughter Group

tennis ball

Tennis Ball