Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2110 photos since September 2017

gift wrapped with a big red bow

Gift Wrapped With A Big Red Bow

illuminated paint brush on orange

Illuminated Paint Brush On Orange

man smiles with open arms in city

Man Smiles With Open Arms In City

woman wraps herself in silver and gold metallic streamers

Woman Wraps Herself In Silver And Gold Metallic Streamers

hand made moose pinecone decoration

Hand Made Moose Pinecone Decoration

close up piano keyboards keys

Close Up Piano Keyboards Keys

woman poses against a wall of gumball machines

Woman Poses Against A Wall Of Gumball Machines

pink flowers under a clear blue sky

Pink Flowers Under A Clear Blue Sky

a model smiles on the disco dancefloor

A Model Smiles On The Disco Dancefloor

classy couple pose

Classy Couple Pose

luxurious couple at party

Luxurious Couple At Party

my good side

My Good Side

typewriter on trunk

Typewriter On Trunk

harmonica on sheet music

Harmonica On Sheet Music

green leaf stems against a blue background

Green Leaf Stems Against A Blue Background

profile of a red gnome against light blue

Profile Of A Red Gnome Against Light Blue

a model in summery clothes

A Model In Summery Clothes

afternoon reading in the park

Afternoon Reading In The Park

toddler with gift for mother

Toddler With Gift For Mother

doodle dog mouth

Doodle Dog Mouth

slick summer men's fashion

Slick Summer Men's Fashion

finger pointing at you

Finger Pointing At You

person leans over their desk and takes notes

Person Leans Over Their Desk And Takes Notes

one last package dropped onto the stack

One Last Package Dropped Onto The Stack

croissants sit close to a tray with roses and a decanter

Croissants Sit Close To A Tray With Roses And A Decanter

formal party friends

Formal Party Friends

close up cupped hands

Close Up Cupped Hands

candy cane close up

Candy Cane Close Up

champagne ready to pour

Champagne Ready To Pour

drag queen power pose

Drag Queen Power Pose

hands rubbing together

Hands Rubbing Together

retro radio microphone against purple background

Retro Radio Microphone Against Purple Background

fashion model looking up through trees

Fashion Model Looking Up Through Trees

crafted moose and wood box of pinecones

Crafted Moose And Wood Box Of Pinecones

woman in braids and floral blouse

Woman In Braids And Floral Blouse

mom getting presents

Mom Getting Presents

purple haired drag queen poses in chair

Purple Haired Drag Queen Poses In Chair

mens suit in the city

Mens Suit In The City

black and brown dog in flowers

Black And Brown Dog In Flowers

softball flies above hand

Softball Flies Above Hand

candy cane on black

Candy Cane On Black

boxes in the process of being packed

Boxes In The Process Of Being Packed

two hands crossing

Two Hands Crossing

house plant enjoys natural light

House Plant Enjoys Natural Light

a wise looking gnome surrounded by chess pieces

A Wise Looking Gnome Surrounded By Chess Pieces

a silver tray sits on a blue velvet background

A Silver Tray Sits On A Blue Velvet Background

softball in the palm of your hand

Softball In The Palm Of Your Hand

woman in red brushes her hair back in a heart-shaped window

Woman In Red Brushes Her Hair Back In A Heart-Shaped Window

open book standing up on a pink background

Open Book Standing Up On A Pink Background

smiling baby on lap

Smiling Baby On Lap