Jose Silva

I'm a Toronto-based photographer specializing in live events and street photography.

location Toronto

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Jose Silva has contributed 81 photos since April 2018

motivational checklist cup

Motivational Checklist Cup

remember why you started motivational poster

Remember Why You Started Motivational Poster

side hustler coffee cup

Side Hustler Coffee Cup

woman in motivational office

Woman In Motivational Office

believe in yourself embroidery

Believe In Yourself Embroidery

learn from failure sign

Learn From Failure Sign

motivation near window

Motivation Near Window

texture of wood cladding painted blue

Texture Of Wood Cladding Painted Blue

up to you balloon

Up To You Balloon

woman by encouraging poster

Woman By Encouraging Poster

you got this empowering jewelry

You Got This Empowering Jewelry

float on balloons and smiles

Float On Balloons And Smiles

one step forward tiles

One Step Forward Tiles

treat yoself cookies

Treat Yoself Cookies

remember why you started poster

Remember Why You Started Poster

skater shredding bowls in the sun

Skater Shredding Bowls In the Sun

hills of yarn

Hills Of Yarn

beachside basketball court black and white

Beachside Basketball Court Black And White

keep it simple cookies

Keep It Simple Cookies

posters remind you why you started

Posters Remind You Why You Started

uplifting balloon letters

Uplifting Balloon Letters

leave yesterday behind pennant

Leave Yesterday Behind Pennant

motivational cross stitch

Motivational Cross Stitch

abstract colorful wall of orange and blue

Abstract Colorful Wall Of Orange And Blue

plastering up motivational posters

Plastering Up Motivational Posters

remember why you started

Remember Why You Started

skater leaves the bowl at outdoor skate park

Skater Leaves The Bowl At Outdoor Skate Park

palm trees underneath the clear blue sky

Palm Trees Underneath The Clear Blue Sky

black and white people playing basketball near beach

Black And White People Playing Basketball Near Beach

city from the sea

City From The Sea

vintage viewfinder on seaside pier

Vintage Viewfinder On Seaside Pier

sunrise on the hills above los angeles

Sunrise On The Hills Above Los Angeles

public market sign

Public Market Sign

observatory lit under night sky

Observatory Lit Under Night Sky

black and white look to the trees

Black And White Look To The Trees

skater standing with one foot on the board

Skater Standing With One Foot On The Board

man with backwards ball cap

Man With Backwards Ball Cap

a look through the centre of a parking structure

A Look Through The Centre Of A Parking Structure

misty sunrise through the valley roads

Misty Sunrise Through The Valley Roads

people enjoying a day at the beach in summer

People Enjoying A Day At The Beach In Summer

lines of yarn twists

Lines Of Yarn Twists

skateboarder doing an ollie onto grind box

Skateboarder Doing An Ollie Onto Grind Box

feet on skateboard

Feet On Skateboard

skateboarder locking into a feeble grind

Skateboarder Locking Into A Feeble Grind

multi-colored twists of yarn

Multi-colored Twists Of Yarn

black and white image walking along the boardwalk

Black And White Image Walking Along The Boardwalk

old man making some new friends

Old Man Making Some New Friends

wall covered in chewing gum

Wall Covered In Chewing Gum

black and white landscape with city in the distance

Black And White Landscape With City In The Distance

skateboarder ollie off box

Skateboarder Ollie Off Box