Jose Silva

I'm a Toronto-based photographer specializing in live events and street photography.

location Toronto

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Jose Silva has contributed 81 photos since April 2018

wall covered in chewing gum

Wall Covered In Chewing Gum

close up of the water coming into shore

Close Up Of The Water Coming Into Shore

wall of chewing gum

Wall Of Chewing Gum

pier bustling with people on a sunny day

Pier Bustling With People On A Sunny Day

skater walking in skateboard board in hand

Skater Walking In Skateboard Board In Hand

portrait image of sunny day at beach

Portrait Image Of Sunny Day At Beach

black and white fog rolling over hills and trees

Black And White Fog Rolling Over Hills And Trees

moody palm trees black and white

Moody Palm Trees Black And White

black and white busy pier overlooking the water

Black And White Busy Pier Overlooking The Water

three guys at skatepark

Three Guys At Skatepark

black and white portrait image of parking structure

Black And White Portrait Image Of Parking Structure

viewing machine looking into the distance

Viewing Machine Looking Into The Distance

water flowing underneath the shadowy pier

Water Flowing Underneath The Shadowy Pier

different colored yarn twists

Different Colored Yarn Twists

sunrise beyond the hollywood hills

Sunrise Beyond The Hollywood Hills

viewing machine stood on a boardwalk

Viewing Machine Stood On A Boardwalk

long feeble grind skateboarding

Long Feeble Grind Skateboarding

observatory under a darkening sky

Observatory Under A Darkening Sky

skateboarder feet

Skateboarder Feet

grinding the top of picnic table skateboarding

Grinding The Top Of Picnic Table Skateboarding

gum covered wall

Gum Covered Wall

skateboarder doing ollie onto picnic table

Skateboarder Doing Ollie Onto Picnic Table

skateboarder riding out of 5050 grind

Skateboarder Riding Out Of 5050 Grind

chewing gum rainbow

Chewing Gum Rainbow

symmetry in a parking lot

Symmetry In A Parking Lot

tall sign stood up toward the sky

Tall Sign Stood Up Toward The Sky

clear blue sky over parking structure

Clear Blue Sky Over Parking Structure

red and grey building under the setting sun

Red And Grey Building Under The Setting Sun

skateboarding onto picnic table

Skateboarding Onto Picnic Table

shadowy red and grey building under setting sun

Shadowy Red And Grey Building Under Setting Sun

bright parking structure under clear blue sky

Bright Parking Structure Under Clear Blue Sky