Jonas Svidras

I am hobbyist photographer living in Vilnius, Lithuania. I am hardcore IT technician and photography is an outlet for me to go out, create and meet new people. Instagram: @jonas.svidras

location Vilnius, Lithuania

Hand Holds Camera Lens | View photo

Jonas Svidras has contributed 16 photos since April 2018

woman in front of tree with berries

Woman In Front Of Tree With Berries

woman in orange zip up jacket

Woman In Orange Zip Up Jacket

mens hand in park

Mens Hand In Park

woman in park afternoon

Woman In Park Afternoon

iphone nightsky stars

Iphone Nightsky Stars

man in leather graffiti bricks

Man In Leather Graffiti Bricks

chestnuts texture

Chestnuts Texture

motivational message on mobile at outdoor event

Motivational Message On Mobile At Outdoor Event

woman in red floral tree

Woman In Red Floral Tree

hand holds camera lens

Hand Holds Camera Lens

black and yellow electronic chip

Black And Yellow Electronic Chip

brunette with curls

Brunette With Curls

mobile screen and app in hand

Mobile Screen And App In Hand

long curly hair and dark lipstick

Long Curly Hair And Dark Lipstick

how bad do you want it

How Bad Do You Want It

snowfall on winter fashion

Snowfall On Winter Fashion