Holger Grünwald

Vintage Car Driving Through Stunning Underpass | View photo

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vintage car driving through stunning underpass

Vintage Car Driving Through Stunning Underpass

contrasted architecture with wood and steel

Contrasted Architecture With Wood And Steel

buddhist statues surrounded by flowers

Buddhist Statues Surrounded By Flowers

empty laundromat in red

Empty Laundromat In Red

sun sets over empty train tracks

Sun Sets Over Empty Train Tracks

an empty sunway with blue seats

An Empty Sunway With Blue Seats

graffiti adorns the walls of old building

Graffiti Adorns The Walls Of Old Building

yellow and black streetcar stopped on tracks

Yellow And Black Streetcar Stopped On Tracks

setting sun illuminates train platform

Setting Sun Illuminates Train Platform

unused airport in berlin

Unused Airport In Berlin

sun sets over the horizon above a bridge

Sun Sets Over The Horizon Above A Bridge

olympic amphitheatre in berlin

Olympic Amphitheatre In Berlin

aquaduct under construction

Aquaduct Under Construction

sounds of a past era

Sounds Of A Past Era

light peeking through an open door

Light Peeking Through An Open Door

sunlight bleeds through the top of an underpass

Sunlight Bleeds Through The Top Of An Underpass

abandoned shopping cart in parking lot

Abandoned Shopping Cart In Parking Lot

person cast in shadows looking from a window

Person Cast In Shadows Looking From A Window

cyclist riding through stunning underpass

Cyclist Riding Through Stunning Underpass

exit sign illuminated in berlin parking lot

Exit Sign Illuminated In Berlin Parking Lot

winding ramp in parking lot

Winding Ramp In Parking Lot