Chris Gonzalez

Hello, I'm a creative story teller capturing people in nature around Tacoma, Washington 🌲

location Tacoma, WA

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Hiker running Up Beaten Track Between The Trees | View photo

Chris Gonzalez has contributed 9 photos since October 2018

abstract image of man standing in road

Abstract Image Of Man Standing In Road

hiker running up beaten track between the trees

Hiker running Up Beaten Track Between The Trees

young woman using phone to take a picture

Young Woman Using Phone To Take A Picture

close up of a pine tree showing texture of pine needles

Close Up Of A Pine Tree Showing Texture Of Pine Needles

man with camera stood on a dock

Man With Camera Stood On A Dock

man stood in garden with vertical landscape ahead

Man Stood In Garden With Vertical Landscape Ahead

abstract image of two people from different angles

Abstract Image Of Two People From Different Angles

dusty orange and brown leaves in autumn

Dusty Orange And Brown Leaves In Autumn

warm colored autumn leaves

Warm Colored Autumn Leaves