Shanu D

I'm mobile photographer with travel stories and photos across North India. Striving my best to capture more stories.

location Mumbai, India

Dancing With Temples In The Orange Mist | View photo

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dancing with temples in the orange mist

Dancing With Temples In The Orange Mist

a woman by a green pool

A Woman By A Green Pool

puddle reflects mosque

Puddle Reflects Mosque

man tames camel

Man Tames Camel

man walks through courtyard

Man Walks Through Courtyard

courtyard daydreaming

Courtyard Daydreaming

a woman in red passes the taj mahal

A Woman In Red Passes The Taj Mahal

sand forms eratic shapes in the wind

Sand Forms Eratic Shapes In The Wind

a lady in red dances in the yard

A Lady In Red Dances In The Yard

family looks over valley

Family Looks Over Valley

sea fishing the big blue

Sea Fishing The Big Blue

mosque festivities

Mosque Festivities

a crowd of worshippers at friday prayers

A Crowd Of Worshippers At Friday Prayers

ocean front street

Ocean Front Street

woman in courtyard

Woman In Courtyard

grated window view

Grated Window View

prayers at the mosque

Prayers At The Mosque

painted van stacked with branches by the roadside

Painted Van Stacked With Branches By The Roadside

reflecting pool outside mosque

Reflecting Pool Outside Mosque

red dressed woman poses in front of temple

Red Dressed Woman Poses In Front Of Temple

person stands at the edge of a rock pond

Person Stands At The Edge Of A Rock Pond

out for a stroll in the streets of the monastery

Out For A Stroll In The Streets Of The Monastery

a woman in red walks through arched hall

A Woman In Red Walks Through Arched Hall

tourist in a buddhist monastery taking it all in

Tourist In A Buddhist Monastery Taking It All In

looking back through arches in india

Looking Back Through Arches In India

dancing with the taj mahal in the mist

Dancing With The Taj Mahal In The Mist

sunset in indian square

Sunset In Indian Square

an ornate building of domes and spires

An Ornate Building Of Domes And Spires

rafting the river

Rafting The River

a man frames the base of a tower with his arms

A Man Frames The Base Of A Tower With His Arms

happy pink beach sunset

Happy Pink Beach Sunset

a robed figure walks through arches

A Robed Figure Walks Through Arches

lone man on cheerful street

Lone Man On Cheerful Street

camels resting

Camels Resting

a crimson building with gold writing on the walls

A Crimson Building With Gold Writing On The Walls

silhouettes of people at the top of a sand dune

Silhouettes Of People At The Top Of A Sand Dune

light illuminates monument

Light Illuminates Monument

temple cat

Temple Cat

cliffside palms

Cliffside Palms

Spinning In India

Spinning Under Arches In India

person dances in door way with a view of the taj mahal

Person Dances In Door Way With A View Of The Taj Mahal

bare feet walk over wet paving stones

Bare Feet Walk Over Wet Paving Stones

protected by rocks under deep blue sky

Protected By Rocks Under Deep Blue SKy

building reflected in puddle

Building Reflected In Puddle

pondering man

Pondering Man

upside-down  world

Upside-down World

cycling past red building

Cycling Past Red Building

water from a thin canal reflects the taj mahal

Water From A Thin Canal Reflects The Taj Mahal

temple security

Temple Security

friendly sheep and cows in a rustic setting

Friendly Sheep And Cows In A Rustic Setting