Shanu D

I'm mobile photographer with travel stories and photos across North India. Striving my best to capture more stories.

location Mumbai, India

Dancing With Temples In The Orange Mist | View photo

Shanu D has contributed 116 photos since June 2019

lone man on cheerful street

Lone Man On Cheerful Street

ocean front street

Ocean Front Street

building reflected in puddle

Building Reflected In Puddle

sunset in indian square

Sunset In Indian Square

yellow circles in a building

Yellow Circles In A Building

archways and stairs

Archways And Stairs

cycling past red building

Cycling Past Red Building

standing straight in angled photo

Standing Straight In Angled Photo

upside-down  world

Upside-down World

family looks over valley

Family Looks Over Valley

dancing with temples in the orange mist

Dancing With Temples In The Orange Mist

tourist in a buddhist monastery taking it all in

Tourist In A Buddhist Monastery Taking It All In

out for a stroll in the streets of the monastery

Out For A Stroll In The Streets Of The Monastery

looking through arches

Looking Through Arches

people in covered walkway

People In Covered Walkway

woman in courtyard

Woman In Courtyard