Fernanda Publio

Passionate about the beauty in the simple things in life. Continually striving to capture that decisive moment

location Ottawa

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Bright Fall Leaves In Hand | View photo

Fernanda Publio has contributed 47 photos since June 2018

winter fashion with a wink

Winter Fashion With A Wink

ski resort crowd

Ski Resort Crowd

oceanside cliffs of ireland

Oceanside Cliffs Of Ireland

green cliffs of ireland

Green Cliffs Of Ireland

woman draped in knit scarf

Woman Draped In Knit Scarf

hand holding irish wildflowers

Hand Holding Irish Wildflowers

autumn baking for halloween muffins

Autumn Baking For Halloween Muffins

child licks twig in winter

Child Licks Twig In Winter

ice coated branches by canadas parliament

Ice Coated Branches By Canadas Parliament

friends splash and play in water

Friends Splash And Play In Water

fall family fun mom and sons

Fall Family Fun Mom And Sons

autumn walk hand in hand

Autumn Walk Hand In Hand

stone walls in irish fields

Stone Walls In Irish Fields

urban fashion on city street

Urban Fashion On City Street

modern leather jacket womens fashion

Modern Leather Jacket Womens Fashion

woman by ocean arms open

Woman By Ocean Arms Open

wooden boardwalk nature path

Wooden Boardwalk Nature Path

autumn leaves bright orange maple

Autumn Leaves Bright Orange Maple

young child smirks

Young Child Smirks

iphone field photography

Iphone Field Photography

ireland cliffside hikers

Ireland Cliffside Hikers

autumn baking fun

Autumn Baking Fun

city trucks tackle blizzard

City Trucks Tackle Blizzard

woman celebrates winter

Woman Celebrates Winter

child playing near lake

Child Playing Near Lake

view looking down on boat at sea

View Looking Down On Boat At Sea

mother laughing with her children in grass

Mother Laughing With Her Children In Grass

irish flag flying

Irish Flag Flying

person bundled for winter sticks out tongue

Person Bundled For Winter Sticks Out Tongue

ireland direction signs

Ireland Direction Signs

green hills and irish cliffs

Green Hills And Irish Cliffs

hikers in filed with sheep

Hikers In Filed With Sheep

young child in ball cap

Young Child In Ball Cap

macarons on display at bakery

Macarons On Display At Bakery

fall leaf cookies in the kitchen

Fall Leaf Cookies In The Kitchen

red mushroom toadstool

Red Mushroom Toadstool

ice coated chain link fence

Ice Coated Chain Link Fence

feet in sandals on fall leaves

Feet In Sandals On Fall Leaves

kid rolling cookie dough

Kid Rolling Cookie Dough

childs hand making cookies

Childs Hand Making Cookies

kids hands doing fun kitchen baking

Kids Hands Doing Fun Kitchen Baking

rye seeds close up

Rye Seeds Close Up

bright fall leaves in hand

Bright Fall Leaves In Hand

private door hidden in stone building

Private Door Hidden In Stone Building

stone walls beside gravel road and rural buildings

Stone Walls Beside Gravel Road And Rural Buildings

maple leaf turned red

Maple Leaf Turned Red

orange fall leaf held  in front of valley

Oranage Fall Leaf Held In Front Of Valley