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Snowy Mountains Reflected In Still Lake | View photo

Fabio Manuel Neto da luz has contributed 9 photos since January 2019

remote log cabin on calm forest river

Remote Log Cabin On Calm Forest River

highway winding up out of mountain valley

Highway Winding Up Out Of Mountain Valley

stone buildings built at the side of waterfall

Stone Buildings Built At The Side Of Waterfall

hiker looks out over bay surrounded by mountains

Hiker Looks Out Over Bay Surrounded By Mountains

island fishing villages connected by bridges

Island Fishing Villages Connected By Bridges

snowy mountains reflected in still lake

Snowy Mountains Reflected In Still Lake

farmland in the foothills of snowy peaks

Farmland In The Foothills Of Snowy Peaks

vertical mountain peaks at sunrise

Vertical Mountain Peaks At Sunrise

blue shallows offshore from dense forest

Blue Shallows Offshore From Dense Forest