Dakota Monk

Vancouver based specializing in landscape + travel photography. New Zealand Support Team Lead at Shopify by day.

location Wellington, NZ / Vancouver, CA

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A Lamb Takes Center Stage On Top Of Mountain | View photo

Dakota Monk has contributed 71 photos since September 2018

a view of the stars on night sky

A View Of The Stars On Night Sky

a lamb takes center stage on top of mountain

A Lamb Takes Center Stage On Top Of Mountain

a look across the landscape with view of the sea

A Look Across The Landscape With View Of The Sea

hiker approaches snow-capped mountains

Hiker Approaches Snow-capped Mountains

young woman standing on a mountain looking over the clouds

Young Woman Standing On A Mountain Looking Over The Clouds

landscape shot of green mountains below foggy sky

Landscape Shot Of Green Mountains Below Foggy Sky

colorful sunset reflected in textured beach sand

Colorful Sunset Reflected In Textured Beach Sand

sunset at the beach while surfers get the last waves

Sunset At The Beach While Surfers Get The Last Waves

gloomy trees hanging over clearing in forest

Gloomy Trees Hanging Over Clearing In Forest

happy dog with tongue hanging out

Happy Dog With Tongue Hanging Out

dog in lifejacket

Dog In Lifejacket

fireplace close up flames

Fireplace Close Up Flames

adorable dog desires treat

Adorable Dog Desires Treat

temple gateway by mountain

Temple Gateway By Mountain

two dogs loving life as they hike through woods

Two Dogs Loving Life As They Hike Through Woods

sheep guiding their young through the snow

Sheep Guiding Their Young Through The Snow

waterfall flowing through the side of a mountain

Waterfall Flowing Through The Side Of A Mountain

close up of pink flower in front of leaves

Close Up Of Pink Flower In Front Of Leaves

silhouette on ocean rock

Silhouette On Ocean Rock

sunrise glaring through the trees as man takes to water

Sunrise Glaring Through The Trees As Man Takes To Water

trees rooted in shallow waters

Trees Rooted In Shallow Waters

silky smooth waterfall gliding over rock face

Silky Smooth Waterfall Gliding Over Rock Face

starry night above with clouds below

Starry Night Above With Clouds Below

black and white city aerial

Black And White City Aerial

sunset as waves crash on rocky shore

Sunset As Waves Crash On Rocky Shore

small smooth brook flowing through the forest

Small Smooth Brook Flowing Through The Forest

silhouette of a young person looking at the landscape

Silhouette Of A Young Person Looking At The Landscape

waterfall crashing through rocks below mountains

Waterfall Crashing Through Rocks Below Mountains

fallen tree spreading branches like a corona

Fallen Tree Spreading Branches Like A Corona

an empty park bench below a large tree

An Empty Park Bench Below A Large Tree

desert at the base of smoking volcano

Desert at The Base Of Smoking Volcano

smooth water flowing over moss covered rocks

Smooth Water Flowing Over Moss Covered Rocks

volcanic hills and green pools

Volcanic Hills And Green Pools

sub-alpine lake in new zealand

Sub-Alpine Lake in New Zealand

blue and gold sunset sky

Blue And Gold Sunset Sky

colorful sunset reflected in wet sand

Colorful Sunset Reflected In Wet Sand

a fallen tree lays below a cloudy sky

A Fallen Tree Lays Below A Cloudy Sky

hiker observing mountain peak

Hiker Observing Mountain Peak

cloudy blue sky through bright green leaves

Cloudy Blue Sky Through Bright Green Leaves

rocky creek in sub-alpine valley

Rocky Creek in Sub-Alpine Valley

lush green on rocky hills near ocean

Lush Green On Rocky Hills Near Ocean

man thinking on beach at dusk

Man Thinking On Beach At Dusk

textured beach sands at sunset

Textured Beach Sands At Sunset

jagged mountain peak above lush green foothills

Jagged Mountain Peak Above Lush Green Foothills

mountainside in black and white

Mountainside In Black And White

grazing sheep below snowy mountain

Grazing Sheep Below Snowy Mountain

sealions resting on rocks above choppy water

Sealions Resting On Rocks Above Choppy Water

snow capped mountains under clear blue sky

Snow Capped Mountains Under Clear Blue Sky

rushing waters and river rapids

Rushing Waters And River Rapids

black and white image of mist over mountains

Black And White Image Of Mist Over Mountains